This Weekend @ The Goodfoot: Boris Garcia Jerry Garcia Tribute + Soul Stew Dance Party

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From our sponsors at The Goodfoot:
Boris GarciaBoris Garcia
w/ Cats Under The Stars: Jerry Garcia Tribute
Thursday, June 16
9 p.m. | $8 | 21+

The Goodfoot Lounge
2845 SE Stark Street

In the past six years, Pennsylvania's Boris Garcia has set about trouncing genre ¬Å“lines in the sand¬Â and has fused pop, bluegrass and jam into their own undeniable sound. Boris Garcia was born when friends recorded for fun only to find an audience beyond their wildest dreams.

They quickly evolved into one of the most unique Americana/jam/bluegrass bands in the land, masterfully blending acoustic and electric instrumentation with a roots sensibility and melody that envelopes like a warm robe. When long time Grateful Dead publicist, Dennis McNally, jumps on your bandwagon and begins to work for you, you're on to something special! PDX's Cats Under the Stars kick the night off.

Soul Stew Dance Party Info

From our sponsors at The Goodfoot:

Friday, June 17
9:00 p.m. | $5 | 21+

The Goodfoot Lounge
2845 SE Stark Street

It's 11pm. You're out with friends. You suddenly make a collective decision that you want to dance to something soulful, something funky, maybe with a little disco tossed in there oh and some break beats¬Â¦Someone in your group says ¬Å“Lets go to The Goodfoot¬Â.

You've never been there before and have heard about their funk & soul dance nights. You've heard things like ¬Å“Its fun¬Â or ¬Å“It's hot & sweaty¬Â or maybe ¬Å“That place is a meat market on Friday nights¬Â. You get there and weave your way through the crowd of folks, open the door to the downstairs, wait in line it moves quickly¬Â¦

At the end of the hallway you're greeted by the door guy. His demeanor should assure you that you're in for some fun.You look into the downstairs and see that the dance floor is churning with folks having a great time.

You pay $5 for the cover and make your way to the bar. The bartenders are working hard to serve up stiff drinks and great beers to quench your thirst. You get your drink and your friends bring you to the dance floor. You dance the night away while people around you have a blast. You even catch some of the break dancers around midnight. Hopefully you've had the kind of experience that thousands and thousands of people have had for the past 10 years!

Be sure to come by and see for yourself. Soul Stew is certainly not for everyone¬Â¦ It is loud, crowded, hot, steamy, and sexy¬Â¦ with lots and lots of booty shakin'. If that sounds like a nightmare to you rather than FUN then we suggest you look elsewhere. After all, we really want people to enjoy themselves!

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