2011 Portland Rose Festival Starlight Parade Live Broadcast, Opinions, & Info | Grand Marshall Darcelle

I just looked at the weekend weather and couldn’t believe my eyes…nothing but sunshine and 80+ degrees forecasted for Portland’s 2011 Starlight Parade. How Can Be?

Another very interesting note is that famous Portland Female Impersonator Walter Cole (AKA Darcelle XV) is the Grand Marshal this year.

From website: The 2011 Starlight Parade Grand Marshal is one of Portland’s true icons, Darcelle XV. Walter Cole (AKA Darcelle XV) has had a tremendous 44-year career working as an entertainer. Darcelle will be wearing a custom lighted dress and wig, and will be escorted by Roxy.

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More info and twitter/facebook opinion poll after the break…

Starlight Parade | June 4, 2011
8:30 p.m. | Televised Live: 9:00 p.m. on KGW NewsChannel 8
Website: rosefestival.org/events/starlightparade

Welcome to the Sparkling Side of the Portland Rose Festival!

The Portland General Electric/SOLV Starlight Parade offers funky, eclectic fun for the whole family. One of our most popular events, the parade draws more than 250,000 spectators to downtown Portland, and is also broadcast live from 9:00 – 11:00 p.m. on KGW NewsChannel 8.

Watch for Our Themed Parade Sections

The “Spirit of the West” section (part of the first illuminated Rose Festival parades in the 1900’s) returns in 2011, presented by Spirit Mountain Casino and filled with floats representing communities around Oregon and Washington. A new section for 2011 is “Portlandia presented by Voodoo Doughnut.” This section will showcase everything unique and funky that Portland has to offer.

Celebrating ‘Clean and Green’

Thanks to the efforts of our sponsors, Portland General Electric and SOLV and many volunteers, you’ll find this parade to be one of the cleanest in America. Watch before the parade for volunteers handing out bags to help keep litter and recyclables off our streets.

Right after the last parade entry, keep your eyes peeled for our post-parade clean up crew — filled with volunteers and professionals — who pick up trash and wash our streets clean!

More Than a Century of Illumination!

Did you know that an illuminated parade has been a part of the Portland Rose Festival since its early years? In 1907, “red fire” lit up the night as the fire department paraded along Yamhill street. The following year, more than 20 floats “brilliantly illuminated with electric lights and torches” came together to celebrate “The Spirit of the West” during the night-time parade.

Twitter & Facebook Poll

In 2009, we asked our twitter friends (4,000 then and over 12,000 now!) what they think of the parade and those answers are below. Feel free to add your thoughts in the comments…

  • PdxPipeline: Twitter Poll: Are you going to the Starlight Parade? Have been before? Watch on TV? Love it? Hate it? Why/Why not? Answers posted tomorrow
  • helloerica: I crashed the Starlight Parade once. That was fun!
  • Writehype: Yes going to Starlight Parade.Last year was money there was Mexican horses dancing for me.Super wicked awesome
  • Brokenninja: I was in it a couple times with the art mentor program P:EAR. This year I think I’ll enjoy it from a distance ;)
  • RedCrossPDX: We’re going to be IN the Starlight Parade. I hear there’ll be a guy wearing a vintage Red Cross jumpsuit…hot.
  • Brokenninja: Does your “team” or whatever have any special plans for that particular event? I’d be happy to participate.*
  • oneredwolf: I have never been to the starlight parade I am excited about going to experience it!
  • therealthing: I was in the parade with my teen leadership group in 2001. A great experience. A BBQ is going to keep me from going this year.
  • Park_Place: Love the starlt best & love going but watching at home. More down to earth than other. love the runners & smaller schl. groups
  • Wisenheimer: “Parades are just people who have nothing to do watching people who have even less to do, but are better organized.” -Leo Allen

From Facebook

  • Briana Bononcini Lowe: Is it already that time of year again?
  • James Wallace: its a lot of fun with kids. I’ve enjoyed it also, and take chalk to draw in the street with.
  • Yes, we are going and taking the 2 and a half year old. Which means we’ll play in the street and draw on the sidewalk and probably come home after the firefighters.
  • Sean Harry: Yes, we are going and taking the 2 and a half year old. Which means we’ll play in the street and draw on the sidewalk and probably come home after the firefighters.

*We have no Pipeline team for the Starlight Parade. It is an interesting idea though…

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