2010 Portland Zombie Walk This Saturday + Pictures & Thrill The World Dance

******Update: Many Portland Zombie Walk Pictures | Pioneer Courthouse Square

For a time this year, it seemed the Portland Zombie Walk might not take place. However, new organizers have stepped in (our friends at Sequential Art) and it's back on. So, whether you want to participate or just take pics, Pioneer Courthouse Square is the place to be this Saturday afternoon.

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Photo by Squid Vicious

The 6th Annual Portland Zombie Walk
Thrill The World Portland 2010

It's time, o Great Zombie Horde of Portlandia! The 6th Annual Portland Zombie Walk and the 4th Annual Thrill The World Portland is this Saturday, Oct 23rd, in Pioneer Courthouse Square!


3:30pm: Show up, mingle with your fellow zombies, pose for photos — the Living *LOVE* taking pictures of zombies, as much as the Unliving *LOVE* eating brains. One request: There will be PZW Volunteers keeping an area clear for the dancers. Please be respectful, and move if asked. Thanks.

4pm: Thrill The World Portland performs the "Thriller" dance, simultaneously with other Thrill The World groups around… well, the World (in case that wasn't obvious).

After the Thriller Dance: THE ZOMBIE WALK BEGINS!!! Immediately following Thrill The World Portland's performance, the Great Zombie Horde of Portlandia will take to the streets, shambling, shuffling, groaning & wailing. The much anticipated MAP will be available on Wednesday, Oct 20th — we'll notify you when it's up.

Both the PZW Organizers & Volunteers, and the Thrill The World Portland Organizers ask that you read and follow the general RULES of the ZOMBIE WALK: http://www.facebook.com/topic.php?uid=148124751890418&topic=180 — In short it boils down to BE NICE TO PEOPLE & DON'T DESTROY THINGS.

We all really like living in a city where we can dress up like zombies & wander through downtown being silly. If we don't play nice, the city will make us stop. Period. So, y'know, be cool. Thanks.

On behalf of the our 2010 PZW Organizers, and Thrill The World Portland, this is your humble-yet-decaying servant,

Count Zombireux

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