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If you like the NFL and Monday Night Football, you can't miss tonight's game. Our Partners at East Burn (East 18th & Burnside) will have the game downstairs. Setup includes a large projection screen plus two HDTVs & Buckhutnter and Ski Ball during the halftime. They also have $10 Steamers & $10 Pitchers from 5-10pm.


NOW TO THE GAME–This is the biggest games of the season so far. The NY F******ng Jets, as coach Rex Ryan like to say are possibly the best team in the NFL. And supposedly they have the best player in the NFL–Darrelle Revis–who has a massive contract, but doesn't seem like the best player right now. Also he has an island, but Randy Moss seems to own at least half of it.

Minnesota Vikings signed Randy Moss this week. Just in the nick of time as they've been a shadow of last year's magic season. Hello, Brett Favre and Randy Moss. Why did it take this long for the NFL to make it happen? The WWF/WWE took like eight seconds to pair up Hogan and Andre or Hulk Hogan to save THE Macho Man. The NBA gave allowed Kobe to have the Geico caveman and then created the superheroes team in Miami. Why so long to make it happen NFL?

Seriously. WOW. Ummm…Randy Moss gets another chance to punk Revis? Brett Favre might end his streak of games played due to some text messages and voice mails in two years ago? WHAT? Senior citizen Brett Favre knows how to text?…but, apparently doesn't know they can be saved and used against him.

Anyway, this is big and let's hear what a real expert has to say….

From Dan Wetzel of Yahoo Sports:

After brushing off injuries and defenders for years, Brett Favre's record consecutive starts streak may be in jeopardy.

Favre has started 288 consecutive regular season games at quarterback. Add in 24 playoff games and he is, by far, the NFL leader (second place Peyton Manning, 197/215). He's started every game since Week 4 of the 1992 season, an iron man streak of unfathomable levels (only four other QBs have ever gone over 100 consecutive starts). Continue reading here

Watch The NFL Game Online

If you can't make it to Tanker Bar and want to watch online, here are two options:

  • If you have cable, the game will be on the ESPN
  • If you do not have cable, there are several ("illegal") sources such as this one, this one, this one, and this one where you will likely be able to cat

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