Portland Polish Festival Pictures & 2010 Info | Over 10,000 People


Update 2011: Portland Polish Festival Pictures & 2011 Schedule | Free, Over 10,000 People


Polish Helmet

Polish Helmet
Portland Polish Festival
Photo by dklimke

Portland’s festival season is not over yet and this week brings the Polish Fest. With over 10,000 attendees last year, it is one of the top draws of the year.

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Portland Polish Festival Tips for 2010

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From Polish Festival website:

The Polish festival is an event for families and singles, adults and children, for food connoisseurs, music lovers, concert goers, dance enthusiasts, … It is for everyone. During the festival, we provide non-stop stage performances, including a few dance groups and music bands, polka contest on Saturday and Sunday, a street dance, delicious Polish food and imported Polish beer. The event is held on Failing Street between the two historic buildings of the Polish Library built in 1911 and St. Stanislaus Church built in 1907, both located on N. Interstate Avenue in Portland Oregon.

Saturday: Sept 25, 11am – 10pm
Sunday, Sept 26, noon – 6pm

3900 N. Interstate Ave., Portland, Oregon

Over 10,000 people are expected to attend the festival. It is prepared and run by over 300 volunteers organized by the Polish Association and St. Stanislaus Parish.

Stage Schedule

Saturday, 9/25

11:20 am – Witamy
11:30 am – Agnieszka Laska Dancers
12:00 pm – Fireside Six band

1:00 – Children Dance Festival
MÃ…¬Å¡odzi Polanie from Seattle
Polish School from Portland
Polskie OrÃ…¬Å¡y from Kelowna, Canada
Sobótka from Portland
White Eagles from Kelowna, Canada

2:30 pm – Vivat Musica – choir from Seattle
3:00 pm – Festival Dedication

3:15 – Adult Dance Festival
Sobótka from Portland
Polonez from Vancouver, Canada
Polskie OrÃ…¬Å¡y from Kelowna, Canada
Lasowiacy from Poland

5:40 pm – Pola Gadowski, singer

5:50 – Street Dance with Polka Beats
6:00 – Polka contest for children
7:00 – Polka contest for adults
8:00 – Street Dance with Chervona Band

10:00 – End of the dance
Street dancing in front of the stage.
Sunday, 9/26

12:00 pm – Witamy

12:10 – Children Dance Festival
Polskie OrÃ…¬Å¡y from Kelowna, Canada
Polish School from Portland
White Eagles from Kelowna, Canada
Sobótka from Portland
1:20 – Youth/Adult Dance Festival
Polonez from Vancouver, Canada
Polskie OrÃ…¬Å¡y from Kelowna, Canada
Lasowiacy from Poland
Sobótka from Portland

2:20 – Pola Gadowski, singer

2:30 – Street Dance with Polka Beats
3:30 – Polka contest for children
4:30 – Polka contest for adults

6:00 pm – Festival Closing

Special stage events:
Polka Contest – the only polka contest in Oregon includes a polka contest for children and adults on both Saturday and Sunday.
Festival Dedication – a dedication on the stage, followed by a Polonaise, an elegant Renaissance court dance.

Street Dance – street dancing will be actually on the Kaiser parking lot, in front of the stage

Authentic Polish Cuisine

Most of the food on the Polish Festival is served in the foodcourt on the street. You may taste Polish delicacies such as:

Pierogi ruskie – Dumplings stuffed with a mix of potatoes, farmers cheese, onions
Pierogi z kapustĬ¦ – Dumplings stuffed with a mix of cabbage, mushrooms, onions
Pierogi z owocami – dumplings with blueberry, strawberry, cherry or sweet cheese

KieÃ…¬Å¡basa i Bigos – Hunter’s stew with Polish sausage

GoÃ…¬Å¡Ãƒâ€ž¬Â¦bki – Cabbage rolls made of cabbage leaves stuffed with mix of rice, beef and pork

Zestaw – Combination plate of the most popular Polish dishes: pierogi, goÃ…¬Å¡Ãƒâ€ž¬Â¦bki, kieÃ…¬Å¡basa, bigos

Placki Ziemniaczane – Potato pancakes of fried shredded potatoes

Polish Bakery, in the Church Hall, and European Café,
inside the Polish Hall Building are serving coffee, tea and traditional
Polish cakes as Poppy Seed, Cheesecakes, PĬ¦czki or Gingerbread

Beergarden serves imported Polish beer, Zywiec and Okocim, Polish honey wine, and Widmer beer.

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5 Responses to Portland Polish Festival Pictures & 2010 Info | Over 10,000 People

  1. greatpracticaljokes.com September 22, 2010 at 1:07 pm #

    Woo Hoo! The weather is supposed to be perfect this weekend and the Polish Festival rocks. This is the one event where my wife stays home (she’s vegan) and I go it alone to stuff myself with great food and enjoy great music.
    I cannot wait!

  2. Elizabeth Wisler September 22, 2010 at 5:40 pm #

    I wish I were going after I found out about it on PDX Pipeline.
    I will be playing my own gig of polka Oktoberfest music at
    Oaks Park Zenner 2010 Oktoberfest by the Sellwood Bridge this weekend at the Comcast stage by the ferris wheel.

    Friday from 6pmto 9pm
    sat from 2 pm to 4pm
    and sunday 3pm to 6pm.

    Liz, the virtual accordion player

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