Portland Pictures: Belmont Street Fair & 2010 Info

2009 Belmont Street Fair
Belmont Street Fair
Portland, Oregon 97214
Photo by a tea leaf

Great picture of last year's Belmont Street fair. After you go this fair, you'll wonder why they don't always shut down SE Belmont to cars/buses between 33rd & 37th…it just feels right.

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From the Belmont Business Association: 2010 Belmont Area Street Fair

“Localmotion,” the annual Belmont Area Street Fair is on track for Sunday Sept. 12, 10am – 5pm with more hustle and bustle than ever. The “downtown core” of Belmont from SE 34th to 37th will be closed to vehicle traffic but open to everything else: thousands of visitors, over 160 craft booths, 4 music performance areas, a food festival, children's fun center and alternative transpo. expo.

In addition there will be two free shuttles – the bluegrass trolley and the Mexican fiesta bus – to get guests in musical style to the other special events along Belmont from 20th to 58th. To date, we are sold out of booth space but call 503 774-2832 to be on the waiting list.

The 2010 Street Fair Booth Map and Vendor List are now available for download from the Documents Page.

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6 Responses to Portland Pictures: Belmont Street Fair & 2010 Info

  1. Streeter September 7, 2010 at 10:13 am #

    Belmont Street Fair will always be the best neighborhood street fair because they actually close down the street. Hawthorne’s event is a throng of people crowded onto sidewalks trying not to get bumped off the curb into traffic. Why don’t they shut the street down for a day? It doesn’t make any sense and everyone knows it. Division’s (my neighborhood’s) is too spread out to be that festive, they could close down a single block and improve it a hundred-fold.

  2. tony September 8, 2010 at 6:39 am #

    I hear a rumor that the old owners of India4U, who had their store on Hawthorne and then on Belmont, will be selling his famous samosas down by his house. Make sure and ask him since I don’t think he is making enough for the general public just for those who ask.

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