All Week: City-Wide Drink Specials From Yelp | 16 Bars!

Our friends over at Yelp are having some great drinks specials all over Portland this week. $2 Rum & Cokes & $6 bottles of “Champagne” at The Tube…scary. If you are on the twitter and enjoying, take a pic and use the #pdxdrinks tag for retweeting on @pdxdrinks account.

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From Don over at Yelp:
Yelp Drinks PortlandHello All!

I just wanted to let you know that Portland's first multi-bar, week-long happy hour kicks off next week! Yes, it's finally time for Yelp Drinks Portland! From Monday July 26 through Sunday August 1, sixteen amazing local bars will be offering 3 specialty drinks for 1/2 price all day long for an entire week!

Participating bars include Beulahland, Davis Street Tavern, East Chinatown Lounge, Eastburn, Goodfoot Lounge, Jinx, Jo Bar & Rotisserie, On Deck Sports Bar & Grill, Papa Haydn East, Papa Haydn West, PINTS, Slow Bar, The Hop & Vine, Tube, Vault Martini Bar, and Vintage Cocktail Lounge!

Drinks range from a hoppy local brew to a bottle of Veuve, with a bunch of high-end cocktails in between, so there's something in there for everyone. There's no cost to the bars or consumers to participate, this is simply a promotion to connect local folks with amazing local bars.

What's the catch? There is none! Just do the following:
1) Show up at the bar during regular operating hours any time the week of 7/26-8/1
2) Mention the Yelp Drinks promo and order one of the 3 special drinks for the week (available while supplies last – make sure to check for availability)
3) Tip based on regular drink price please!
4) Repeat (but please, drink responsibly, and don't drink and drive!)
5) Post all Yelp Drinks related reviews here:…

Yelp Drinks Portland drink list…

– Abserac (Reg Price $8)
– Molly Hatchet (Reg Price $6)
– La Revolution (Reg Price $6)

Davis Street Tavern
– French Pear (Reg Price $9)
– Nomayo (Reg Price $8)
– Basil Martini (Reg Price $8)

East Chinatown Lounge
– Mango Fizz (Reg Price $9)
– Goldfinger (Reg Price $9)
– Orchid (Reg Price $9)

– The Armada (Reg Price $8)
– Bolivian Bubbles (Reg Price $7)
– Oh Rio (Reg Price $8)

Goodfoot Lounge
– Organic Pale Ale (Reg Price $4)
– Summer Sangria (Reg Price $5)
– Vodka Fusion (Reg Price $5)

– Charo (Reg Price $7.5)
– Sir Elton John (Reg Price $7)
– Kristy McNichol (Reg Price $ 8)

Jo Bar & Rotisserie
– St. Basil (Reg Price $7)
– Summer Sangria (Reg Price $7.75)
– Mandarin Dragon (Reg Price $7.75)

On Deck Sports Bar & Grill
– Heinekin Light (Reg Price $4.5)
– House Red (Reg Price $5)
– Bacardi Limón & Coke (Reg Price $7.5)

Papa Haydn East
– Honey Lavender Sidecar (Reg Price $7.5)
– Raspberry Lemon Drop (Reg Price $7.5)
– Pear Ginger Martini (Reg Price $7)

Papa Haydn West
– Dear John Collins (Reg Price $7.25)
– Pear Ginger Martini (Reg Price $7.25)
– The Showgirl (Reg Price $8.25)

– Blue Moon Beer (Reg Price $5)
– Ninkasi Total Domination (Reg Price $5)
– Wild Hare Pinot Noir (Reg Price $6)

Slow Bar
– Northern Lemonade (Reg Price $6.5)
– Bridgeport Hop Czar (Reg Price $4)
– Veuve Cliquot Yellow Label (bottle) (Reg Price $75)

The Hop & Vine
– Sweet + Savory (Reg Price $8)
– Blue Moon (Reg Price $9)
– The Somerset (Reg Price $8)

– Rum n Coke (Reg Price $4)
– Champagne (bottle) (Reg Price $12)
– Long Island Iced Tea (Reg Price $8)

Vault Martini Bar
– Joyful Girl (Reg Price $7.5)
– Wicked Gimlet (Reg Price $7)
РHaba̱ero Martini (Reg Price $7.5)

Vintage Cocktail Lounge
– Uptown Manhattan (Reg Price $8)
– Lavender Martini (Reg Price $7)
– Ambassador (Reg Price $9)

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  1. Scott Thomas July 27, 2010 at 3:34 pm #

    I’ve got my eye on the Ninkasi Total Domination special at Pints.

  2. Sara Thomas July 27, 2010 at 3:38 pm #

    $2 Hop Czar? $2.50 Total Dominaton? Count me in!

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