Portland Pictures: Trek In The Park Crowd | Woodlawn Park


2011 Update: Portland Trek In The Park Is Back: 2011 Schedule, Pictures, Video, & Info


(Star) Trek In The Park, Woodlawn Park, Portland, Oregon
Trek In The Park
Woodlawn Park
Taken July, 2010
Portland, Oregon
Photo by Erin Connolly

Anyone have a suggestion of a larger venue for Trek In The Park?

It's going to be pretty hot out there today and tomorrow for those in Trek outfits. As you can see from these pictures from last weekend, Trek in Park is quite popular and crowded. If you want to be guaranteed of hearing all the dialogue, you need to get there early to have a close seat.

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(Star) Trek In The Park, Woodlawn Park, Portland, Oregon

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3 Responses to Portland Pictures: Trek In The Park Crowd | Woodlawn Park

  1. Teresa Boze July 24, 2010 at 4:10 pm #

    Obviously this is a big thing, and will be with us in Portland as a tradition. People are going to want expansion of the the plays, and more accommodating venue. I bet sponsors or partners wouldn’t be hard to find. Everyone loves a winner.

    I have an idea for a venue.

    Mt Tabor Park has an open air amphitheater with parking, picnic spaces and bathrooms. They hold the Music in the Parks there for SE; Seats like 400+ people ( I think more like 600) and has electricity for performances. It is also quite lovely. People book it for weddings. Good public trans that reaches out to North and across the West that runs every half hour on Sundays -#14 and #71 (goes to 60th Ave MAX stop), with #15 and #4 within six blocks. It is seating area and stage is shaded in the afternoon.

  2. steeef July 25, 2010 at 6:16 pm #

    Seconded. The amphitheater at Mt. Tabor would be perfect. I was at Saturday’s show (6/24) and it was overcrowded, even if you arrived an hour early. I had to strain to hear much of the dialog, and people standing up in front of me blocked much of the performance.

  3. Tigard girl July 23, 2011 at 12:16 pm #

    I want to go but I might not make it until 6, can anyone tell me if the actual show will be over by then? I’d like to see it. Thanks!

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