50+ Portland First Thursday Events | July 2010

First Thursday @ Everett Station Lofts, Portland, OregonPortland's monthly First Thursday event is tomorrow. Time is certainly flying by right now with all the great summer events. There are over 50 (probably 100) galleries having openings this month.

We have a very large list below thanks to Sequential Art Gallery (328 NW Broadway) & Rich Vail Mackin. They compile an email called the "[h]IT LIST" of events every month. You can join it by emailing them @ sequentialart @ gmail dot com. We have reproduced much of it below with permission.

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More Weekend Events and Info from PDX Pipeline:

This month at Sequential Art Gallery (328 NW Broadway #113):
(In which we learn of our home base's latest show!)

Todd Brabander's first solo show at Sequential Art Gallery, is “Monsters”. The collection of drawings, digital art, and paintings comes with a message: everyone knows monsters can be scary, but some can be cute and funny, and this show contains both. Brabander took his love of artists like Clive Barker and Travis Louie and tried to emulate how their creations still seem possible, creating creatures people could relate to. “Monsters” opens First Thursday, July 1, 6-10pm, and runs most Saturdays through July (closed July 3rd).

Monsters by Todd  BrabanderTodd Brabander is a freelance artist from Portland. He has always been more interested in drawing what was in his head than what was in front of his eyes. Many of his artistic endeavors are fantasy, post modern, or horror related, aiming to capture a twisted and often humorous view of the normal world. He has also been in several music groups, had writing published online, and has displayed his visual arts in other public venues.

Can't make it on Thursday? Watch LIVE at ustream.tv/channel/sequential-art-gallery-studio


Instant Photos at Floating World Comics!

Since this email is based out of Sequential Art Gallery, it's no surprise that we likes us a comic book shop. But this month, the art at the comic shop isn't comics!

This exhibit will feature photographs shot on Polaroid(tm) or instant film. For a while in 2008 Polaroid film was actually discontinued but now it's back. As Polaroid users will testify there's something magic about the lighting and picture quality of a Polaroid, as well as the instant gratification. This show displays the work of over 10 photographers, mostly Portlanders. Enlarged digital prints of some of the images will be for sale. Curated by Rikki Barney, a Polaroid junkie who stocked up on film when she heard it was going to be discontinued.

An Invitation to Cross Burnside!

First Thursday is sometimes called “First Thursday in the Pearl”  Hogwash and Balderdash, I say! Not only are many fine spots to be found near (but not technically in) the Pearl district, there's some great stuff a few blocks south.

Some highlights include… The INDEPENDENT PUBLISHING RESOURCE CENTER (IPRC), which has only recently (to my knowledge) been hosting art shows, but has since time immemorial (or at least before I moved to town) been overtly and amazingly helpful to the creative community of Portland. This month features work by Corinne Teed. The IPRC, of course, is upstairs from Portland's seminal Zine store,  READING FRENZY which features work by Harlan Mahaffy, beer by our friends Ninkasi, and, well, lots of cool stuff for sale. Speaking of cool stuff for sale, you can also check out SW's newish block of stores that also show artwork, including FLORA,  RADISH UNDERGROUND, and  TENDER LOVING EMPIRE. Note that they might not always have new shows or official openings, but they do have fine artwork on display, so it's worth checking out on First Thursday- or for that matter, when you're downtown some other day.

Everett Station Lofts

  • STUDIO COUER – work by Ashley Montague
  • 102 TRIBUTE GALLERY – “Infinite Interactions” Photography by Jordan Thomas Mitchell
  • SEQUENTIAL ART – “Monsters”  by Todd Brabander (see above)
  • 110. SEA CHANGE – “Last night, again, you were in my dreams…” by Alicia Escott
  • 115. ERRATA – “Thriving, Not Just Surviving” Art Show and Fundraiser for Clackamas Women's Services.
  • 111. HALF/DOZEN – “Purple Mountain Majesty” by Calvin Ross Carl
  • ANKA GALLERY – “Transcendant”, paintings by Gwenn Seemel, sculpture by L. Wendy Dunder, garments by Susanne Jagudajev Jenkins

Also (likely to be) open on First Thursday: 101. SALOME- 103. MODEST- 104. EYEFUL – 107. GARBAGEMAN ASTRONAUT – 108. DARRAS – 109. DOPPLER – 114. TRACTOR- 116. TYSON SPACE – A MOOD CHANGE – OGLE

Old Town Chinatown

  • TRIM/VOJDANI GALLERY at p:EAR “Stakes is High”;  work of Roscoe Hall II with p:ear youth artists.
  • BUTTERS GALLERY– “Solar Flare” by Elise Wagner
  • COMPOUND GALLERY – “Pedal Power” group show, curated by Matt Wagner
  • FLOATING WORLD -Polaroid and instant film photography exhibit (See Above)
  • GRASSY KNOLL GALLERY -“Doubts About My Faith In the Color of Emeralds” art and video by Nathan and Noah Rice, live performance by Lets Go Outside
  • SHAFFER FINE ART GALLERY – work by Henry Asencio, live rock violin by Aaron Meyer.
  • HECKLEWOOD – “Organized Chaos”, work by Chet Childress and Bryce Kanights


Other NW Galleries

  • KALISTA SALON – Work by Katie Simpson Spain
  • AUGEN NW – Recent work by John Dempcy, John Redman, and Terry Thompson
  • BEPPU WIARDA – Work by Nika Blasser
  • BLUE SKY – Work by Laurie Lambrecht and Emidio Puglielli
  • BLACKFISH – Work by recent graduates of 15 local colleges.
  • BULLSEYE GALLERY – “Outbreaks of Obfuscation” by Richard Marquis
  • CHAMBERS @916 – New Installations by Jerry Wingren & Ethan Jackson
  • ELIZABETH LEACH GALLERY – “Gather and Wait”, sculpture by Cris Bruch; “Fugue”, works on paper by Charlene Liu; “In Touch” by Judy Cooke
  • ELROY GALLERIES– Ê»Dinosaurs & Diving Girlsʼ by Vintage Roadside's Jeff Kunkle
  • FROELICK GALLERY– “On The Slough” by Barry Pelzner; “Two of A Kind”, a portrait exhibit of photographers and painters.
  • LITTLE GREEN GROCER – work by Abraham Wylie
  • MUSEUM OF CONTEMPORARY CRAFT – “Land Art” by David Shaner
  • PDX CONTEMPORARY ART– “The Classroom” by Anna Gray + Ryan Wilson Paulsen

Also (rumored to be) open First Thursday: GALLERY 815  – GALLERY 114 – 3D CENTER  –

Art in SW

  • STUMPTOWN COFFEE– “Obscured”, paintings by Nim Wunnan
  • READING FRENZY – “The Sea Beasts: Works Inspired by Brutes of the Deep” by Harlan Mahaffy
  • AUGEN GALLERY – Group Show: Contemporary Master Prints, with work by Dine, Frankenthaler, Motherwell and others
  • INDEPENDENT PUBLISHING RESOURCE CENTER– “Small Mythologies” by Corinne Teed

Also showing on First Thursday- or so I've been told.

It's a lot more helpful to contact me (via [email protected]) with your press release AT LEAST week before First Thursday than to mention that I got outdated information from your website after the emails go out.

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  1. wk June 30, 2010 at 10:36 pm #

    hey hey,

    looks like all your cross burnside links are off (they point to wordpress type-of-blogs-page). thanks for the great list, as a foreigner i can really appreciate the info!

  2. Diehl Art Gallery July 1, 2010 at 11:22 am #

    Great compiled list, thanks for posting it!

  3. Tender Loving Empire July 1, 2010 at 4:58 pm #

    This is a great list! Thanks for including our new store! Just wanted to confirm that we are having a show tonight that features hats designed by 30 artists! And we will definitely have rotating monthly gallery shows. (Most will have live music too!)

  4. Elroy Artspace July 2, 2010 at 2:49 pm #

    Thanks for the listing! This month’s show @ Elroy Artspace is actually “Tilt-Shift America”, a group exhibition of fine art photography – and its a dual-gallery show with our neighboring Benjamin Benjamin Gallery… The opening reception last night was a blast! Show hangs through the month, so come on by (17th/NW Lovejoy) and get turned-on to this fun genre of photography… Cheers!, -Joe

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