USA vs Ghana World Cup Match: Where To Watch In Portland & Online

Tomorrow is a big day for USA soccer. There is no more World Cup round-robin action, no more ties. This is the round of 16 and it is win or go home. This makes most Americans happy I imagine as we are not used to games ending in ties. Also makes World Cup games better b/c no one plays for a draw, and few teams want to risk going to a penalty kick shoot-out. Speaking of which, the 30 minute overtime is not sudden-death? WTF? What happened to golden goals? Does the World Cup hate when teams win? Obviously not a sport created in the US.

Anyway, Dan Wetzel of Yahoo! Sports thinks the US has an easy route by Ghanna. “A not-so-difficult draw affords Landon Donovan and Team USA a relatively smooth path to the semifinals. Will they travel well?” Read more here.

I'm sure the US will travel fine, but it won't be easy with most of the stadium rooting for it's (sort of) home team.

We've already made our picks picks here ( Where To Watch The World Cup Online & Portland Picks) but we have had some additions of good specials.

SE BARmuda Triangle Pick – Tanker Bar — 4825 SE Hawthorne Portland, OR 97215 ,

$2 beer deal (they have good taps including 3 or 4 Ninkasi) and a breakfast special, but forgot what it was.

Lower SE Special Pick –East Burn — 1800 East Burnside Street ( for more info)

Big Screen Projection, 2 flat screens, $5 breakfast special (sandwich, hash–they have good food) and $3 Micro-brew pints (they gotta lot of good micros)

Pearl & SE Industrial Pick: Blitz Bar ( for more info)

From Blitz: We will be showing the USA game at both locations and we have a full breakfast at Pearl—including a $4 breakfast that includes two eggs, bacon, breakfast potatoes, and toast—good stuff and lattes and such.  At Ladd we will be open and serving a limited breakfast.  At both locations we will be running $4 bloody mary drinks and $3 micro brew.

We will also be showing the second round matches at both locations each day at 7am and 11:30 am….22 large TV's at Ladd and 17 large tv's at Pearl plus a big screen.

Other Portland World Cup & online (legal & illegal-ish) picks here.

Also check out Portland-based Netninja's vuvuzela iPhone ringtone. You're welcome.

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  1. killed June 26, 2010 at 11:07 am #

    Good Info. I actually enjoy that they have 30 extra time instead of golden goal as it gives more of a chance instead of instant satisfaction. go world cup!

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