Watch World Cup Online & In Portland: USA vs Algeria & Second Round

There is some World Cup scenario in the England-Slovenia game that will still advance the US even with a tie tomorrow, but who wants that? Let's just go for the sweet, sweet win. We already made our picks of where to watch the World Cup in Portland (& online), but we got this message from Blitz today and it's a pretty good deal (also, you get free “Tot-Chos” when you mention seeing it on Pipeline)…

From Blitz Bar (

We will be showing the USA game at both locations and we have a full breakfast at Pearl–including a $4 breakfast that includes two eggs, bacon, breakfast potatoes, and toast—good stuff and lattes and such.  At Ladd we will be open and serving a limited breakfast.  At both locations we will be running $4 bloody mary drinks and $3 micro brew.

We will also be showing the second round matches at both locations each day at 7am and 11:30 am….22 large TV's at Ladd and 17 large tv's at Pearl plus a big screen.

Also check out Portland-based Netninja's vuvuzela iPhone ringtone. You're welcome.

From Yahoo! Sports:

U.S.-Algeria: Five things to watch

In this most unpredictable of World Cups, the knockout stage can open up enticingly for any team with a real chance of avoiding powerhouse sides until late in the tournament. That is the potential path for the USA if it can beat Algeria on Wednesday, reach the knockout stage and let fate deal its hand. Continue reading here

More suggestions from Twitter and Facebook...

Related from Pipeline:

From Twitter:

  • loadedorygun: superdog has one big TV, but cheap eats and not crowded. Low key but friendly and into the matches.
  • rainbowwine: Favorite is Thirsty Lion. Prost! was great, but crowded during US v Eng game. Kells isn't bad. Horse Brass has a quiet tv. (From Pipeline: We suggest you flush your money in the toilet rather than spend it at Thirsty Lion regardless of WC goodness)
  • marahcreative: World Cup Coffee (@worldcupcoffee) on Glisan. Laid back, not too rowdy, and it's early so you can wake up with great coffee.
  • chismosa: I've been watching at Caffe Umbria & Mr Jolly's, both in the Pearl

From Facebook:

  • Giuseppe Lipari: 7am at the Marathon Taverna was actually much better than I had expected. Clean, lots of TVs and quiet.
  • Terence Flanagan: Marathon-nicer than you might think

    Beaulahland will be open- breakfast, be warned there's a big crowd so seats may be hard but it's a nice place to watch World Cup
    Bullpen shoud be open eary and it's a great atmosphere-many Timber fans go here as well, so knowledgeable crowd
    Costellos Travel Caffe-International crowd , passionate but not rowdy “… See Morefooty” fans, also the food is good and you're less likely to run into some clown that just started watching the sport last year and thinks they are experts. There are English, German, African, Dutch etc people that come here and everyone everyone I've met has been cool. Less likely to have hipsters too. Not sure how early they open

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  1. rainbowwine June 23, 2010 at 2:14 pm #

    Yeouch! Why the Thirsty Lion hate? It’s had the best TV layout and most seating of any of the places I’ve been…and it’s closest to where I work, so it’s been my lunch break place.

    Looking for a new place for Saturday – might finally get to check out Blitz!

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