Just Another Music Monday: Destroy Nate Allen

Posted by Mike Harper:

Destroy Nate AllenWho Wants to Destroy Nate Allen?

I spent most of my formative years going to a lot of dingy punk shows, spending most of my money on records and spending too much time keeping my mohawk up. That being said, ten years later, I still love that world. There's nothing like the smell of hairspray and sweat, coupled with a mellow ringing in your ears on a Friday night to let you know that you just witnessed the most energetic show in town.

Minus the ringing in the ears, Destroy Nate Allen gleefully delivers all of those things. Catchy sing-a-along punk tunes that tear through acoustic guitar strings like lumberjacks tearing down a forest, Nate and his wife Tessa take the idea of a circle pit and turn it into an interactive kumbaya-meets-hey-ho-let's-go, playing in the center of the crowd rather than the stage, sans microphone sans cable (a sound tech's worry free set!). Simple refrains about love, grandpas, showering and the ghetto can get anyone aboard to scream along with this deceptively raucous couple!

Tour Kickoff & 500th Show Celebration!
June 10 @ Satyricon w/ White Fang, Insomniac Folklore, Jim Strange and The Proud and The Damned, Alex Hudjohn (of Anchor Down), Heart Full of Snakes, & Carlson
8PM | All ages

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  1. Nate Allen June 7, 2010 at 11:54 am #

    Thank you very much for writing this! Unfortunately it won’t be out tour kick off due to Tessa’s appendix rupturing but it still should be a killer show.

    http://www.destroynateallen.com has our 5 full lengths up for free download as well as complete show listing.

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