Playoffs: Where To Watch Trail Blazers vs Phoenix Suns in Portland | 30+ Suggestions

Portland Trail Blazers Playoffs, Rip City Uprise 2010 Video

The Portland Trail Blazers Playoff season kicks off in about seven hours and there will be many places to watch around Portland. Above is a screenshot from the 2010 Rip City Uprise video. Go here to watch it.

Unfortunately, there is still no legal way seemingly to watch the NBA Playoffs online (WHY NOT?!!), so you can go to these somewhat illegal sources to do so.

Our Portland picks (as well as many answers from Facebook and Twitter) are compiled after the break

Pipeline Pick: Rose Garden Arena

5 pm | Live music, entertainment and games outside on the Commons 7 pm | Doors open; pre-game broadcast and chalk talk with Trail Blazers Alumni 7:30 pm | Watch the game broadcast on the biggest screen in town

Free admission and parking in the Garden Garage.
Free player bobbleheads for first 500 fans through the doors.

Pipeline SE Pick: Blitz Ladd, 2239 Southeast 11th Ave, 97214

It's a huge space…We have fifteen 52in HD TVs and a 12ft HD Projector, also showing your favorite sports teams on ESPN Game Plan, Sunday Ticket, and many other sports stations. We also have pool, shuffle board, foosball, and ping pong tables, and a great selection of food and beer.

Pipeline NW Pick: Mission Theater, 1624 Northwest Glisan Street, 97209

5 p.m. doors; 7:30 p.m. game |Free | 21 and over

Pipeline Pearl Pick: Blitz Pearl, 110 NW 10th Ave, Portland, 97209

Downstairs are 21 HDTVs, airing your favorite sports events. Combine that with air hockey, shuffleboard, darts and pool with breakfast served all hours!

Pipeline Downtown Pick: Buffalo Wild Wings, 327 SW Morrison St, Portland, Oregon, 97204

Several people below suggested this place. Pipeline opinion is that the wings are not great (that's being nice, go to Fire On The Mountain instead), and it is typical chain-style operation…but man, they have a lot of TVs and there will be a big crowd of Blazers fans.

Pipeline NE Pick: NEPO 5403 NE 42nd Avenue, Portland, OR 97218

We don't really have a great NE pick, but they do have 25 Cent wings every game…

Other NE Pick: Spirits Pub, 5403 Northeast 42nd Avenue Portland, OR 97218
They have a covered area with a TV outside for people who want to die of cancer smoke and cherry bombs + jello shots inside for people who want to die of liver failure get tore up. It appears many of the prices have not gone up since the early nineties as well.

North Portland: Unavailable…well, The Rose Garden

30+ answers from Twitter and Facebook:

  • Pipeline_100x100_normal

    : Once more – Question: Best places/interesting places to watch NBA playoffs in PDX? Starts this weekend. Answers posted today.
  • billgalusha: gotta love claudias on Hawthorne!
  • JulieMorgan: I love watching Blazer games at Buffalo Wild Wings. The waitresses rock, wings are fiery & there are even TVs in the bathroom!
  • Rooflife: Keeping it local. The Sports Page in Beaverton, OR has more TVs than my eyes can process + HH deals galore.
  • lizzyblair: Life of Riley has minimal funboys & awesome happy hour. The Mission Theater plays it on the big screen Go Zers! #blazers
  • JulieMorgan: I sometimes enjoy divey sports bars (NEVER On Deck), but with the nice weather today, it will be at a friend's house for a BBQ!
  • Benjamin Matthew Steele: Concordia Ale House on NE Killingsworth and 33rd has three big tvs, two free pool tables, lots of space, amazing taps, hundreds (literally) bottled beers from around the world, $2 Tuesdays for 22 bottles, golden tee for halftime, great staff, great blazers crowd, cheap filling happy hour.
  • Matt Carbone: George's Corner (Interstate & Killingsworth) to have one of the best bacon cheeseburgers in PDX, oh, and to watch the playoffs.
  • Philip Muir: I went to Blitz one time to watch a Blazer game, and they had all the tv's on a @#%*#**^ football game!
  • Terence Flanagan: ^^That would be relatively hard now,lol
  • kmcdade: Boooring — I watch in front of my TV, in my family room!
  • jenrana: Living Room Theaters… it is like watching in your own living room but with more amazing #Blazers fans!
  • cvanduyn: Buffalo Wild Wings for sure! Not the best food, but great atmosphere
  • dondondon: would it be nice to watch #blazers away playoff games at the Rose Garden on those HD jumbotrons for free?
  • MeaganKate: — Radio Room!!
  • Kendrafm: Mash Tun has a 9′ projection screen.
  • danblaker: Radio Room on 11th & Alberta has a couple big screens for the #Blazers
  • Sexual_T_Rex: McMenamins Mission Theater Pub for #Blazers games
  • Greenwoodimages: nepo42. 25cent wings during #blazer games.
  • nymous: I watch #blazers games at NEPO42 on NE 42nd and Killingsworth
  • kyx_pdx: Fire On The Mt. Is where you'll find the Hwoods crew on Tuesday. It'll be crazy busy. Gotta get my banana catsup fix. #blazers
  • swelldone: Toms on Lombard is a North Portland must
  • cathiejoy: NE PDX you should have mentioned the Spare Room. 4 tvs, cheap drink and eats, and odd 1980's pink and blue moving lights

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7 Responses to Playoffs: Where To Watch Trail Blazers vs Phoenix Suns in Portland | 30+ Suggestions

  1. montavilla April 19, 2010 at 5:39 pm #

    Quiet place to watch in N oTabor/Montavilla that’s not a gross sports bar? Cooper’s.

  2. Spike April 22, 2010 at 5:05 pm #

    blitz ladd is a crock. Went there last week to watch a game and it was empty and not even on 5 minutes to tip off. We turned around and left.

    • Julian Chadwick April 22, 2010 at 5:09 pm #

      I don’t know what you are talking about…last week? Was that Golden State game that we didn’t even play the starters? The Playoffs didn’t even start until Sunday for the Blazers and I was at Blitz Ladd for the last game there was Blazers on every TV that I saw and probably a hundred people rocking jerseys there. Are you a former, disgruntled employee or something?

  3. Rosie April 29, 2010 at 3:32 pm #

    Henry’s has a new HD big screen in their pool room! Also Happy HOur today, cheap food.

  4. I am who I am April 25, 2011 at 3:57 pm #

    Is it weird no one mentioned The Spirit of ’77? Food is great! drinks and food are pricey, free pop-a-shot, big screen tv seats 150 plus….

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