Upright Brewing's One Year Anniversary Party & "Four Play" Release | April 9

I had a media tour of Upright Brewing a few days ago and took this fantastic picture with my iPhone. I have it at the top of the post and not the beautiful label created by Ezra/Samurai Artist and modeled by Kir Jensen of The Sugar Cube because some Puritans out there might find it offensive and I wouldn't want anyone getting fired from their job over this post. So, NSFW beer label below. Go back now if it too much for your work or innocent eyes.

From Press Release:
Upright Brewing Celebrates 1st Anniversary with Four Play

Upright Brewing is an artisan farmhouse style production brewery specializing in french/belgian ales brewed with a NW twist. The brewery is releasing their most anticipated beer Four Play for their anniversary party with special treats from The Sugar Cube infamous dessert and cupcake cart.

Four Play is a Belgian-style sour beer that has been aged since March of 09 in Pinot Noir barrels with an addition of cherry puree, lactobacillus and brettanomyces to sour and dry out the beer. It is very tart, dry and complex like a wine with notes of oak, pinot, wheat and terroir. The beer is very limited with only 5 kegs being produced and 80 cases of 750ml bottles.

The sexy label artwork by Samurai Artist adds to the beers appeal and collectible quality by almost guaranteeing it will only be available at the brewery tasting room .

Kir Jensen who is the owner of great dessert/cupcake cart The Sugar Cube on Mississippi is the model the label was based on and she will be at the release party with some of her tasty treats to be paired with Upright's beers.

Release party info and NSFW beer label after the break

Upright Brewing Tasting Room (in the basement of the Leftbank Project)
Open Fridays 430-9pm
Saturday & Sunday 1-6pm
and Blazers home games 6pm-game time

Four Play release party: Friday April 9th
Upright Brewing
240 N. Broadway Suite 2
Portland, OR

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