Portland April Fools Clown Costume Party: "Think Bozo on Oxycontin" @ Dante's Inferno + Win Tickets

When I first received this press release, I was not sure if it was a prank or not. It is not and we have 3 pairs  of tickets to give away as well. To win a pair of tickets, just comment on this post on why you want to go. We will draw & email winners on Wednesday at noon. Of course, you can go for free if you dress up like a clown.

Reminder: We give out free tickets to our Portland Facebook Group including to many of the top music and art venues in Portland. Join it if you like free stuff.

From press release:
April Fools Costume Party Thursday April 1st Dante's
1st ever April Fools Clown Costume Party.

The evening is all about April fools, fun, balloon animals, big shoes, squirting flowers, drinking, music and clowns, all types of clowns, small clowns, big clowns, naughty clowns, happy clowns, sexy clowns, scary clowns, clown boys, clown girls, tall clowns and wacky clowns and small tiny cars that fit 20.

Ether Circus, Wayne Gacy Trio, and Beyond Veronica will be providing the music for the evening gracing the stage in full clown regalia.

Up first is Ether Circus plays what they call circus punk and it is just what the doctor ordered for a night that will be like a three ring circus. Upbeat wacky punk favored with a touch of a Saturday morning TV clown show gone wrong. Think Bozo on Oxycontin.

Wayne Gacy Trio takes the stage next, the band been making a name for itself throughout the Northwest itself for good reason; electric stage shows, killer songs, wild stage antics, a girl in a body bag and clown for a lead singer. In 2009 they were banned from the Portland Erotic Ball, go figure.

Beyond Veronica is up at around 11 and have found their niche with a retro, power pop sound and sexy style to boot. Just when pioneering female rock 'n roll rebels such as The Runaways, Blondie and The Avengers seemed to be a thing of the past, front woman Bonnie Veronica took the reins and led her band into a resurgence of what was all but lost in the mainstream.

The party will showcase the best that the Portland clown community has to offer.
There will be a special prize for the best clown costume and Clowns get in for free!
The costume party begins at 8 and the first band is on at 9:30

Dante's Located at 1 SW 3rd
Show is 21+
$6.00 Cover
Clowns Get In Free

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3 Responses to Portland April Fools Clown Costume Party: "Think Bozo on Oxycontin" @ Dante's Inferno + Win Tickets

  1. Noa March 30, 2010 at 1:16 am #

    I want to go cause clowns are suppose to make you smile .. and I need a good reason to smile.. missing so much fun in my life..

  2. Omar March 30, 2010 at 10:55 am #

    It’s time to face my fear…

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