7th Planet Picture Show @ MT Tabor Legacy | November 15 & 29

Former Pipeline contributor, current Mercury intern and Chopstick's Karaoke Jockey, Will Radik, has moved his “It's a Terrible Movie!” event to Mount Tabor Legacy and apparently renamed it “7th Planet Picture Show”. Now, we don't all have to drive to Nob Hill to take part in the fun.

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From Will Radik:
7th Planet Picture Show is an MST3K-inspired live celebration of cinematic camp, taking place twice a month at the Mt. Tabor Theater in Portland, Oregon. Will Radik and 2 or more hardened camp cinema veterans will face down some of the most ridiculous, awkward, and tasteless films born unto this pitiless earth, with only microphones (and probably alcohol). Audience members are not only allowed but encouraged to shout at the movie themselves and leave their cell phones on.

Though the live commentary is the heart of the show, it doesn't stop there. At the end of the film, audiences may want to mill around the luxurious and dark Mt. Tabor lounge, perhaps discussing the finer points of the cinematic piece they've just viewed. At this point, Will may show clips or behind the scenes footage pertaining to the film, ridiculous clips of just about anything else, trailers, or even another movie. Beyond the main film and commentary, 7th Planet Picture Show is, well, like a bo-. Never mind.

Did I mention there's a bar right in the back of the lounge where the movies are shown? Well, there is. You can even watch it from a barstool. Isn't that grand?

On November 15th 7th Planet Picture Show will laminate our bones with ozone and prepare ourselves for Abraxus: Guardian of the Universe, in which Jesse “The Body” Ventura's bad delivery is only upstaged by his protagonist Sven-Ole Thorson, whom you may remember as a minor character in almost every action movie ever, and Mallrats. (as LaFours, But Kevin Smith didn't let him talk in Mallrats. In Abraxus, however, everyone gets voiceovers, except for the mute kid.) Hosted by Will Radik, Kiala Kazebee, and Jarvitron.

8pm, 21 and Over, Free Admission. Suggested donation $5 (entirely optional)

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  1. willradik November 16, 2009 at 2:26 am #

    Thanks, Julian. Just FYI, I’m not a Mercury intern anymore. ; D

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