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This week, we continue our series of interviews with the stars and writers of Fothing, a scripted web series about the stars and writers of Portland's favorite improvised stage sitcom, Fall of The House.

Aubrey Jessen is often recognized as the lovely Julie from FOTH and is now playing herself in Fothing. When Fothing viewers first met her last week, Aubrey's character was a bit drunk harsh. Let's go with harsh. It was unexpected, and seemed a far cry from her work as Julie and even from Real-Life-Aubrey.

I got a chance to chat with the lovely Ms. Jessen [with a cameo from the mysterious Miranda King] about her work on the show and got some information about Episode Two, which premieres Thursday on As was done last week,  the cast and crew along with their fans and friends will screen the episode Wednesday night at The Woods.

Also, for some reason, Vimeo has given us this delightful thumbnail of Aubrey and I would just like everyone to know that I did not choose this. Though I probably would have if I could.


If you don't make it to the premiere party [and subsequent karaoke] – you can catch the episode online starting Thursday morning. If you head there right now you can catch up on episode one, and find lots of information about the cast!


WHAT: Fothing Web Series Episode Two Premiere Party
WHEN: Wednesday, October 21st @ 8:30
WHERE: The Woods

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  1. Malcolm Taylor October 30, 2009 at 11:57 am #

    Just chatted online with Christopher, who is my nephew, and I asked him why I will approve of you. He pointed me in the direction of this interview. I approve. And look forward to meeting you this T’gvg.

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