Portland's Pretend To Be a Time Traveler Day | September 12

There are already a lot of great events in Portland this Saturday to join, but none quite like being a a time traveler and confusing NW Portland.

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From Drunken Rampage email:

Below is a communique from the future. Or past. We really can't tell which. The basics are:

TIME TRAVEL LOGOYou can dress like anyone lost in time. Be from the past, the future, or whenever. Wear a space suit or a fur loincloth or wear normal clothing from 2009 (but wear it wrong, as if you never saw it before and just read about it in a low-quality textbook).

We have several bars in the area, but we are only telling you about one of them (The Bitter End Pub, on Burnside and NW 20th). If you want to meet up there, they are open quite early (lunchtime). If you get lost you can always find other Time Travelers there. You can also do what several other people are doing and simply show up in the Time Rift Zone and wander about. It's only 5 blocks wide and 8 blocks long, so it's not hard to find stuff in it.

But the whole point of this event is to get out and mingle. Walk around. See the sights. And while doing so you will see several 12″ round signs made of a wide variety of materials identifying the nearest bar as a Time Traveler bar. Part of the fun is discovering them. They are never more than ten feet from the bar's entrance.

There will be people on bikes (Time Cops) who will have info on a few more (but still not all) other bars, as well as tickets for the Historical Immersion Tours, skits, side-missions and so on. Their job is to help you find the other activities and people, or to bribe the larger groups of time travelers into breaking up into smaller groups to increase the overall weirdness of the area. Flag one down any time (they will be pretty obvious, people on bikes dressed strange with a bronze Time Traveler logo badge).

There will be a game of Temporal Bingo (cards available at any bar or from a Time Cop), a photo-based scavenger hunt (if you have a camera phone, upload your photos to
[email protected], upload your videos to [email protected]. Scavenger hunt forms are also at all bars and with Time Cops), and several small events.

You can download and print out your own Time Traveler Logo here, or pick up a free one at the bars, or make one from whatever materials you want. Or tattoo it on your forehead.

The Time Rift Zone collapses at 10pm, at which point we will escape to a place (to be announced during the event).

Message follows:

TIME RIFT ZONE detected. Time Travelers from any era of history may
appear within this zone. Several TIME TRAVELER SAFE HOUSES with foods
and intoxicating beverages (in exchange for “monee”) will be in the
TIME RIFT ZONE, marked with the universal TIME TRAVEL SYMBOL (see 2-D
image). Please help update the UNIVERSAL HISTORICAL RECORD or attend
HISTORICAL IMMERSION tours if asked by TIME POLICE (wearing a TIME
TRAVEL SYMBOL Badge). Information about the TIME RIFT ZONE will be
logged on “Paper” (a plant-based flat information storage device)
TIME TRAVELERS, REMEMBER: Do NOT tell anyone you are a Time Traveler!

September 12th, 6pm-10pm (Local Time)
Portland, Orygun
NW 24th Street
W Burnside
NW 18th St.
NW Johnson St.


If you upload videos or photos via email for the scavenger hunts, etc, make the subject line TTPDX in order for it to show up when we do the slide show later on (if we don't screw it up that is). If using a computer/smart phone, put them in the TTPDX folder on http://picasaweb.google.com/drunkenrampage

If you do the Twitter thing, you can use the #TTPDX hash tag. Same for facebook, flickr, etc. We are @drunkenrampage on Twitter (follow us for a few other updates during the event)

Borders of the Time Rift Zone are: Between NW 24th Ave and 18th Ave east and west; NW Burnside St and Johnson St north and south.



There are three. You can go on any of them.

7:00pm – NW Flanders & NW 24th Ave – Dr. Zoophefgham T. Farnstrontio, PhDe, fully licensed temporal shift rider and doctor of Earthonomics, Harvard Drive-Through, 2783ce. Inventor of TurboSpam (no autographs will be given). Tour will include the origin of Mardi Gras and how it started Hip Hop, the casual life of the Mastodon, and Jesuit architecture before the advent of Bizarro-Christ. *Aaron will do this one*

8:00pm- NW Johnson & NW 24th Ave – Dr. Merriweather B. Reezey, Professor of Temporal Investigation, Royal College of Alchemy, Physics and Latin, London 1867ce. (note: Dr. Reezey is from a time period before genital massage was a common greeting. He may try to shake your hand, as knowledge of hand-born herpeghonnasyphalaids was unheard of at the time). [[]] IT IS ILLEGAL TO GIVE TECHNOLOGY MORE ADVANCED THAN THE 18TH CENTURY TO THIS TOURGUIDE.

9:00pm- Hoyt & NW 24th Ave, Col (Reverend) Alice P. Cooper, Doctor of Guitar Milking and fully certified Earthonomicist for 21st, 22nd and 24th Century Earthonomic interactions. Dean of the George W. Bush College of History, Neotopia, Earth, 3131ce. Currently on a work-release program from the 32nd century Time Warp prison after a conviction for refusing to bow to the gopher overloards of the era.

/end blathering


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