Olaf Gambini, Noted Nothingist, Visits First Thursday

Posted by Dan Wheeler

I don't know art but I know what I like and there's nothing I like better than nothing. Noted nothingist, Olaf Gambini, travels to Portland to take in the art scene and local color at this month's First Thursday. He'll touchdown on NW Everett between 6th and 7th sometime after 7:00 PM. Reported he's interested in checking out Virtuoso Studios, Igloo Arts and Anka Gallery.

Curious onlookers are sure to get a good show. Especially if their tastes run towards the absurd.

From the press release:

Gambini was once a rising young star in the art world. He gained notoriety in the 1960s for his bold new approach to abstract expressionism, which he dubbed “nothingism”. But his budding career was cut short when in 1968 Andy Warhol was shot.

On Thursday, September 3rd, Gambini and his entourage will be attending Portland's next 1st Thursday, the monthly art gallery tour that takes place in Portland's Pearl district. This promises to be the best night to see Gambini in person…

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Olaf Gambini's Portland Tweets after the break

  • Gambinihead1_normal

    Nothing makes me feel better than nothing!

  • Pipeline-logo_normal

    : Olaf, Welcome to Portland. RT @OlafGambini: My people tell me they have submitted my 1st Thursday visit to @PdxPipeline #firstthursday

  • Gambinihead1_normal

    : I am walking around Southeast. So many people with tattoos. I would like to make a tattoos – with invisible ink.

  • Gambinihead1_normal

    : I will be touring with my people on this Thursday @ Everett St. Galleries bewteen 6th and 7th St. from 7:15pm on. Bravo!

  • Gambinihead1_normal

    : I have contacted my people they are flying from Singapore (?) to NYC tonight. They will arrive just in time for 1st Thr

  • Gambinihead1_normal

    : I am wondering the Pearl today. Looking at the Galleries. Aaagh. So much visual stimulus. I need my sick bucket.

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3 Responses to Olaf Gambini, Noted Nothingist, Visits First Thursday

  1. Stephy-poo September 4, 2009 at 11:39 am #

    Had a 10 second glare-fest with this guy in front of Pony Club. He almost put me to sleep with his boring lack of anything. My soul was yawning. If that was his intention, BRAVO! Dickhead.

  2. Alexander Monday September 4, 2009 at 11:44 pm #

    Too bad Olaf Gambini didn’t do his home work before coming to the Anka Gallery on First Thursday.

    Having worked extensively with Andy Warhol assistant Steve Kaufman and being fluent in Italian, owner/curator Anna S. King immediately knew that “nothing” was true about the noted nothingist. Regardless she was entertained with his performance, saying “Girate, Gambini non ce”.

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