Nathalie & Meagan Take Bumbershoot | September 5-7th, Seattle

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Posted by Meagan Kate

BumbershootWell, PDX Pipeline readers, we have exciting news! Fellow writer Nathalie Weinstein and I will be attending the Bumbershoot Music Festival next weekend.

Bumbershoot®: Seattle's Music & Arts Festival is in it's 39th year drawing the best in comedy, music, theatre, dance and visual art – right in Seattle Center. Its organizers expect more than 150,000 attendants from all over the world.

So Nathalie and I will be hopping on the train, crashing on my cousin's couch and sending you information from the hot and steamy Bumbershoot press room!

I've never been in a festival 'press room' before, so I assume it will be hot and steamy. I imagine Nathalie on an old rotary phone yelling “Did ya hear the news? BIG NEWS!” every half hour or so. I will run around carrying stacks of paper; yellow #2 pencils will be holding back my unkempt mane as I chain smoke.

My fantasies are neither here nor there. Apologies.

However – this is where you all come into play. Bumbershoot is huge! There will be so much going on and neither of us could be classified as “decisive”. So, Nathalie and I want you, our favorite people in Portland, to look over the music/comedy/literature/dance/film line-up and tell us what you want to hear about!

We will be using the @pdxtweet account to send messages and pictures from the shows, so make sure you're following us there.  You can also expect daily wrap-up posts right here on Pipeline!

We are so excited to be able to take part in the festival, and to be doing it for Pipeline makes it that much sweeter! Leave your suggestions below and thanks to you all in advance!

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3 Responses to Nathalie & Meagan Take Bumbershoot | September 5-7th, Seattle

  1. [email protected] Debt Relief August 28, 2009 at 10:32 pm #

    Have a Great time :)

  2. Kiala September 2, 2009 at 4:30 pm #

    MUSIC: The Old 97’s, Parenthetical Girls, De La Soul, Point Juncture WA, and the Portland Cello Project

    COMEDY: The Benson Interruption and Reggie Watts

    LITERARY ARTS: McSweeney’s New Fiction, Chritian Lander, and David Cross

  3. mediaChick September 2, 2009 at 6:04 pm #

    A review, please of the following: The Whore Moan (obviously, duh), Justin Kredible (that kid thinks he’s all that and a bag of Cheetos), and also Hej! (because there might be naked people in it).

    Have fun!!

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