Rumor: Dandy Warhols Playing Free Unannounced Show @ Rontoms

Dandy Warhol action at the Portland Music Awards

[Dandy Warhol action from 2008 Portland Music Awards. Photo by The Mixtress]

Friday, August 21, 6:45PM: I was sent a rumor about 30 minutes ago that there will be a free Dandy Warhols show at Rontoms on Sunday. It has not been announced to the media yet, but apparently that will happen soon will not happen. The “unidentified source” is a pretty trustworthy individual inside operations, so I would give it a 90% chance right now. I will update when more info becomes available.

Update 1AM: the Mercury has a post on it as well although no new info. Don't know if they heard it from another source or not…

Update August 22, 7PM: The Dandy's put this up about an hour ago on their twitter:

  • Dandies_normal

    TheDandyWarhols: I hear there's a super secret special guest @ Rontoms Sunday night at 1030 PM and it's FREE (and there's no way in hell u'll b disappointed)

Update August 23, 2PM: Just got an email that Morning Teleportation and Ded Pidgeon will be opening for the Dandy's tonight.

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4 Responses to Rumor: Dandy Warhols Playing Free Unannounced Show @ Rontoms

  1. jjim August 22, 2009 at 9:46 pm #

    blandy bore balls

  2. John Henry Dale August 23, 2009 at 10:46 am #

    Is Dave Chappelle going to open ?

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