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If you want a Pipeline shirt, donate only $12! or more to the Pipeline cause on Paypal. We use this money to pay for tickets and drinks, expensive new email system for our ticket giveaways, plus other stuff to expand our coverage and web stuff. I don't really know what we'll spend your donation $$ on, but we are going to enjoy it. :)

PDX Pipeline T-shirts

PDX Pipeline has T-shirts courtesy of Skookum Screenprinting. The logo is by Kris Kanaly. Skokum is a great local SE Portland company and they running a pretty sweet deal right now on shirts (60 for $300!) if you have a band or group needing tees.

As you can see, we have gray and black. If you think our logo will fit will with other colors, feel free to comment. We have small-XL and also “baby tees” of those sizes. They are pre-shrunk but will shrink a bit if you wash them in that scolding washing machine temp and dry them. Not too much though.


We'll also send you one of our buttons from local company One Inch Round (button is famous!). If you just want a button, donate $2 or more.


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