Bikes + Beer: 7th Annual Livers & Blisters Ride | August 1

Posted by Mike Harper

There's nothing better than a cold brew on tap after a nice long bike ride. There's nothing better than a cold brew after a short one either. Hell. Beerimage001 just goes well with bikes no matter how long the ride. That's why this city is so great. We've got breweries and bikes like they're going out of style, and here's a ride that mixes all of that together. Even the going out of style part (that's my opinion — no offense meant to the Hawaiian shirt wearing crowd — I'm just not plugged into dad style shirt fashion yet). Yes, Hawaiian shirts are necessary for this ride.

Take a tour de beer around Portland starting at the Deschutes Brewery and make your way around with Livers and Blisters as the group hits Rock Bottom, Produce Row Café, Widmer, Bridgeport, and Rogue! If you haven't visited these places yet, it's all mapped out for you — just drink up and follow the herd of bikes! Everyone is welcome and it's no race. Just a cruise and brew around the city.

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  1. CO July 31, 2009 at 3:36 pm #

    what time does this start? not seeing it anywhere! TIA

  2. Dave August 1, 2009 at 8:26 am #

    The dad style shirts are to help us recognize who we’re with. Also, this is a modest fund raiser for the homeless. Each year we’ve collected ~$300 for donation to one of the local shelters. They don’t accept cash so we collect and write them a check and send a note out to attendees which shelter received the funds.
    Thanks Julian for the kind write-up!

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