Best (Outdoor) Bar Patios in Portland | Many Suggestions

Plan B Bar, Soap Box Derby After Party, Portland, Oregon, 97214
Plan B Bar patio
SE Portland, Oregon
Adult Soap Box Derby party, 2007

The weather is nice and warm and perfect to enjoy many of Portland's best  happy hours. We asked our twitter friends once again for some help to find the best bars to enjoy those outside drinks. As always, there are many suggestions.

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Twitter answers to Portland's best patios after the break

  • PdxPipeline: Question: It's definitely summer. Where are the best bar patios in Portland (& why)? Answers posted later on Pipeline #pdxbars
  • douglassherwood: Bye & Bye, Aalto Lounge, Ron Toms, Momo
  • MuffinWOOF: Best patio? Lucky Lab? Why? Because they let me on it! #pdxbars
  • thomasgood:  best bar patios in PDX would have to include Departure Lounge for the fantastic views of the city
  • mpsinger:  Produce Row, Rontoms, and — kinda sadly — On Deck
  • Badjujubee: Excellent hidden patio at the Bar and Grill on NW 21st Ave. Bid shade trees, a water garden, multi-colored lights in the trees.
  • cynseattle: … the patio at Fenouil. Great happy hour food, views of Jamison Sq and summer scene can't be beat.
  • CharleyAwesome: Piazza Italia over near 10th and johnson, because they're actual Italians from Italy working there! atmosphere and food A++
  • mrlloyd: Ron Toms has ping pong and a large patio. My fav. bar. Get some brie fondue and a greyhound and call it a night.
  • beeraroundtown: Lucky Lab, since you get to play with dogs
  • Badjujubee: Ok, there's another one I remembered. MoMo on SW 10th, just past the library. Another hidden dive bar gem!
  • FemiKnowlogy101: Bernie's (expand) So. comfort food & POTENT cocktails RT @PdxPipeline Where are the best bar patios in Portland (& why)? #pdxbars
  • TracyTThomas: Hedge House on Division has a nice outdoor area and has yummy C-Note beer!
  • Dustatron: nite light has a great back porch
  • arisearisearise: rontom's on burnside has a huge half-covered patio with ping pong table! #pdxbars
  • wendmagazine: The East Burn — hanging chairs, fire pits in the middle of tables and semi covered so you can still go when it rains!
  • ohkatey:  patios not so nice, but Bartinis has outdoor seating & half price on all their amazing martinis and cheap appetizers 4 happyhr!
  • Singlelicious: Patios in North Portland Vendetta, Pause, Mint. Pause might be pretty perfect good eats too #pdxbars
  • opinionateit: Random Oreder Cafe on Alberta. a coffee shop w/ beer & mimosas; better for all friends food &fun people watching on Last Thur
  • The6FingeredMan: The Nest, Bye and Bye, Plan B, New Old Lompoc, Lucky Devil #pdxbars
  • The6FingeredMan: All those are spacious, heated (when necessary) and homey. #pdxbars
  • latemodeldavey: leisure has the best porch. Ping pong tables. Need I say more?

Answers from Facebook

  • Terence Flanagan

    Terence FlanaganNew Old Lompoc-just a great outdoor seating situation
    Plan B-huge patio!
    Goose hollow inn- great amibiance
    Skyline Tavern-best view in town, period. Romantic
    East Burn-better in fall because it's enclosed… Read More
    21rst avenue bar and grill- umm…scenery
    On Deck…hey look we DO live in a city! It's true, it's true

  • Terence Flanagan

    Terence Flanagan

    And Saltys on marine drive -river view

  • Kenric L. AsheRonToms and Plan B are always the first two that come to mind for the happy hours, lots of tables, and excellent music. Also Roadside Attraction is cool.

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0 Responses to Best (Outdoor) Bar Patios in Portland | Many Suggestions

  1. Dorothy Pettengill July 18, 2009 at 7:04 pm #

    Pok Pok’s patio is nice. Just was there for dinner. Salty’s when it’s not so windy it takes your umbrella and table away is nice.

  2. josh fitz July 18, 2009 at 7:13 pm #

    Plan B has a great fire performance set from WMD on Sunday nights in the patio area along with the industrial music and crazy-scary-people…

  3. notgonnatell July 18, 2009 at 7:36 pm #

    i’m so happy that my favorite patio bar is not listed here… it’s the best spot ever and i’ll never tell…

    neener neener neener.


  4. dkealoha July 20, 2009 at 11:08 am #

    Casa Naranja on Mississippi is by far the best outdoor bar! Sand filled patio w/ individual hammock chairs, swings, and fire pit. Also normal chairs and tables if you can’t handle the swinging chairs (or have too many pitchers of sangria).

  5. Chris July 24, 2009 at 12:06 pm #

    By far the best patio in town. Love how it got the snub from the other local mags, but you nailed it here! Congrats to the Plan B staff and their fearless leader Heather.

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