PDX Pop Now! @ City Hall: Yacht, Point Juncture WA & Y La Bamba | July 16

Posted by Mike Harper

YACHT – Summer Song

Summer is truly upon us now: the remnants of July's celebration mortar lining the slightly singed Willamette shore, a real reason for sunglasses and sunscreen hanging in the sky, and bands softly singing for Mayor Sam in front of city hall. What? Seemingly non sequitur, yet oh so Portland!

From PDX Pop Now!
"In conjunction with the Office of Mayor Sam Adams, we (pdxpopnow.com) are pleased to present an early evening, outdoor, summertime concert of spectacular Portland tuneage free and open to the public. The tradition returns!"

And what a perfect little lineup to rep Portland in this free, city sponsored busk.

w/ Claire L. Evans (Photo by Steve Schroeder)

YACHT website
The oh so dancey solo doings of Portland's own Jona Bechtolt (formerly of The Blow myspace). Despite YACHT's semi-recent popularity, he still retains a hometown collective feeling, focusing on musical immersion and inclusion of anybody, saying "All people are welcome to become members of YACHT." Note the caveat "YACHT is not a cult."

Point Juncture, WA (website)

Danceable to chillable (yes, I said chillable), Point Juncture, WA, has got fence hopping between indie folk and indie rock down pat. Simple tunes with a few hidden harmonies (at times Pixiesesque, in a good way), definitely good out loud in the city music.

Video: vimeo.com/2206859

Y La Bamba (myspace)
Lo-fi folk, acoustically orchestral in an old fashioned spiritual kind of way, Y La Bamba will capture your ears and tug at your heart with soft riff guitar strings.  "Doing Portland proud." – Billboard

Video= www.youtube.com/watch?v=aup3vJUtnQ

PDX Pop Now! at Portland City Hall
Thursday, July 16
Portland City Hall (1221 SW 4th Ave.)

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