75+ Portland Weekend Events, Parties & Free Tickets | June 25-28

Leigh sent out his weekly email of Portland weekend events earlier today. It is reproduced below. You can get the email and your chance to win hookups for shows and deals by emailing leighfeldman3 @ gmail and asking to join

There are many listings so we have put events in red that we think will be good, well attended, or should be interesting.

Reminder: Also, we give out free tickets every week to our Portland Facebook Group including to many of the top music and art venues in Portland. Join it if you like free stuff.

From Leigh Feldman:

Portland Weekend EventsThings I'm currently jocking…

Free entry to Snap! the 90's Dance Party @ Holocene before 11pm on Friday night. Get your 90's neon on and dance…. Free entry to Massive on Saturday at the Crown Room if you say ‘LifeisaParty' before 10pm. There are dj's, designers, a dance party, a fashion show, a PBR wheel and lots of (model) mayhem. This is absolutely one of the best parties in the city!…. Free champagne at the Bella Foccia Anniversary Party. Tell them LifeisaParty sent you! … Free craziness at Last Thursday on Alberta. Talking to some of the organizers it sounds like it's gonna be madness!!!

Free music ish… This mix from DJ Ayres who will be destroying the dancefloor at Massive on Saturday night at the Crown Room. If you don't know DJ Ayres, he's most known for his role in the party The Rub, his remixes for house hold name artists like Jay-Z and Madonna and this is It's his recent ‘Dance Till You're Dead Mix' –http://therub.crewcial.org/DanceTilYoureDead.mp3

The satisfaction of knowing that someone from PDX should/could/and probably would win this … http://www.worldbeardchampionships.com/

PS — I finally got twitter and will be talking about all the things I see. Twitter.com/leighfeldman3. I promise it will be absolutely ridiculous.

Life is a party, everyone is just waiting to be invited.
See you all out and about! Leigh Feldman

Thursday, June 25

  • Last Thursday!! @ Alberta St. (lions, tigers, bears… hipsters with beers, art galleries, thai food carts, oh my!)
  • Last Thursday After Party @ The Church (fire dancing, drinks, nekkidness)
  • Sleep of Old Dominion Video shoot @ Momentum Studios (wear a dark hoodie and be in a rap music video!)
  • Blue Spectral Monkey DJ Set @ Common Ground Wellness Center (ambient)
  • From Pipeline's Twitter: @equalizeit is having a bake sale at Last Thursday tonight! http://bit.ly/8uV6E #pdxeats #pdxvegan #pdxevents
  • 80's Themed Flavour @ The Agency (hip hop, club, dance)
  • Brittlestar Art Opening Event @ Moment of Truth on MLK (art art art)
  • X-otica Go Go @ Dante's (go go dancers, bass music, dj's)
  • M-64 7" Release Show @ Someday Lounge (live band hip hop)
  • Budzik's Music Video Class Project Presentations @ Aalto Lounge (drinks and displays of music videos)
  • Floating World Comics Animation Festitval w/ Flaspar @ Holocene (video, art, comics, illustration, animation and bands)
  • Creative Music Guild Improv Session w/ Urs Leimgruber and 20 other musicians @ Worksound Gallery (one master saxophonist and 20 other musicians doing jazz improv)
  • Superfest Pre Jump Off w/ Dat Politics, Strength, Breakfast Mountain and DJ Solomon @ Rotture (electro, disco, rock and dance)
  • Wormholes 20 Artist Art Celebration @ Grass Hut Gallery (drink, eat, see friends, look at the stars)
  • Beaker & Flask Opening Party @ Beaker & Flask (food and drinks)
  • 3 Year Anniversary Mabel & Zora Party @ Mabel & Zora (wine, cupcakes, giveaways, sales)
  • Button Magazine Ladies Night Slumber Party @ Jupiter Hotel (drinks, music and girl only activities … keeping my fingers crossed for erotic pillow fight)
  • Delicious @ Crown Room (weekly alternative dance night)
  • House Call @ Groove Suite (house music)
  • Reflux @ Branx (electro futurist disco party)
  • Breakdown Thursday @ Pala (dubstep, dnb, electro, breaks)
  • Chervone @ Alberta St. Public House (balkan brass fun)
  • Danava @ East End (good ole' fashioned rock)
  • Goodfoot Last Thursday Art Opening @ Goodfoot (Art! Beer!)

Friday, Saturday & Sunday after the break...

Friday, June 26

  • Snap! 90's Dance Party @ Holocene (90's Dance music with guest dj's from Seattle)
  • Sleep from Old Dominion CD Release Party @ Slabtown (hip hop)
  • Blown w/ SPL, Keys and Tyler Tastemaker @ Crown Room (electro, blap, dub step, glitch)
  • Rude Dudes vs Holler N Oats @ Rotture (electro dj club battle)
  • Sea vs Philly vs PDX @ Report (funk and hip hop dj club battle)
  • Cyan Building Opening Party @ Cyan (beer, wine and a performance by Toque Libre)
  • Red Bull Mania @ Pioneer Square (bands, drinks, lots o' people)
  • Red Bull Mania After Party @ Nemo (drinks and dancing)
  • Organic Brewers Beer Fest @ Overlook Park (beer!)
  • Blues In the Pearl @ Sydney's Café (blues)
  • Fubar @ Branx (techno)
  • Howder Foodie Cheese & Champagne Dinner @ Envoy (nibbles and drinks)
  • Multicultural Festival @ King School Park (food, music, dancing, organic goods)
  • East Infection @ East Chinatown Lounge (club, bmore, chill)
  • Tattoo Art Show @ Portland Art Museum (ink art) (From Pipeline: Best Portland Tattoo Shops)
  • Tease Time Burlesque @ Crush (Girls! Girls! Girls!)
  • Alpaca and Sila's Afrofunk Experience @ Someday (jam band / afro beat)
  • DisOrient Film Festival @ Hollywood Theater (Asian cinema)
  • Bella Foccia 8th Anniversary @ Bella Foccia Pizza (art show, free cake, free champagne, $1 beer)

Saturday, June 27

  • Massive 8: Public Indulgence w/ DJ Ayres, Izm and Nature @ Crown Room (fashion show, dance party, pbr wheel, one ridiculous event — get in free before 10pm by saying ‘LifeisaParty' at the door!!)
  • 15 Year Anniversary of KPSU w/ tons of bands @ Pioneer Square (awesome afternoon of bands!)
  • YWCA Off Key Karaoke Event @ W+K (karaoke sign off benefit event)
  • Risk/Reward Theater Showcase @ Imago Theater (dance, theater, music)
  • PDX Gaming Expo @ LAserport (halo 3 competition, lazer tag, warhammer, rpg's)
  • From Pipeline: Rose City Rollers Derby Championships: Win Tickets
  • Superfest Festival @ Rotture (tons o' bands)
  • Tangent Poetry Reading Series @ Clinton Corner Café (poetry)
  • From Pipeline: The Old Believers, A Weather, Super XX Man & Hello Damascus @ Doug Fir + Win Tickets
  • Noise Rock House Show @ 1804 SE Franklin (noise rock)
  • Moth! Fight! @ Berbati's (experimental rock)
  • Ascension Cosmic Dance Party @ Ascension (disco)
  • ‘Serenity' Afternoon Film Premiere @ Cinema 21 (anime)
  • Bikes & Bar-bq @ Community Cycling Center (food and bands)
  • Deschutes Brewery 21st Birthday @ Deschutes Brewery (block party)
  • Best of Oregon Food & Wine Festival @ Convention Center (Food! Wine! The best of it!)
  • Organic Brewers Beer Fest @ Overlook Park (beer!)
  • Fete d'ete @ Paradise Ballroom (French Balkan folk dance)
  • Multicultural Festival @ King School Park (food, music, dancing, organic goods)
  • From Pipeline: Point Juncture, WA Kicks Off Outdoor Summer Concert Series to Benefit Mercy Corps (info)
  • City ReWear Market Sale @ 37th & Belmont (crafts, vintage goodies, thrift store finds)
  • Photo & Bar-bq Event @ NW 19th & Johnson (photos, music, bar-bq)
  • Special People's Club @ Branx (dj's and live dance performance)
  • Artichoke Folk Festival @ Artichoke Farm (folk bands)
  • Bike Fair @ Col. Sumner's Park (bikes, bands, beer)
  • Jujuba @ Goodfoot (afro brass)
  • No.Fest @ St. John's City Center (hip hop, rock, jazz .. tons o' bands)

Sunday, June 28

  • Oregon Active White Water Rafting Trip @ Sylvan Exit (if you see Kevin Bacon trying to get on your raft paddle fast! … yes, that was a River Wild joke. I love that movie)
  • Girls Skate Session @ The Dept (girls only skate session)
  • Dill Pickle Club Bike Tour of WPA Art Murals in PDX @ Dill Pickle Club Spot (bike rides and art)
  • Ascension Day Party Bar-bq w/ Linger & Quiet, Arohan and Karl Doreza @ Ascension (disco, soy tacos, rooftop views)
  • From Pipeline: Drink & Draw at Goodfoot. Info
  • Anime Hentai @ Paris Theater (anime films about bondage)
  • From Pipeline: Watch USA vs Brazil (Confederations Cup Final!
  • Sinferno Cabaret @ Dante's (fire, dancers, fire dancers and magicians)
  • Soulstice @ Groove Suite (house music)
  • Nealie Neal @ Moloko (funk and soul gems)
  • Organic Brewers Beer Fest @ Overlook Park (beer!)
  • Superfest Festival @ Rotture (tons o' bands)
  • Blue Cranes @ Gallery Homeland (indie rock)
  • Multicultural Festival @ King School Park (food, music, dancing, organic goods)
  • Bikini Bingo @ East End (Bikinis! Bingo!)
  • No.Fest @ St. John's City Center (hip hop, rock, jazz .. tons o' bands)
  • Cuba Ache @ Mississippi Pizza (cuban jazz)
  • Dub & Doom @ Tube (dark rock and dub)

UPCOMING (just a taste of things to come…)
6/29 — Roller Boogie w/ Ohmega Watts @ Oaks Park
7/2 — Bilial @ Wonder Ballroom, People's Sandwich Event @ 53, Midsummer's Night Rail Jam @ Epic Snowbaords, Timbers vs Bayern Muncih @ PGE Park
7/3 — DJ Scottie B @ Hot Mess, Albino @ Doug Fir
7/4 — 4th of July!!!

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