Josh Whedon's Serenity @ Cinema 21 | June 27

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Serenity Now!!

Posted by Stephanie El-Hajj

June 27, 2009 – Portland's seen its serenity portland, cinema 21fair share of crazy fans, but crazy fans supporting a great cause? Now that's novel. "Can't Stop the Serenity" is brought to you by Portland's own PDX Browncoats, a group of local fanatics dedicated to keeping the much loved, but short-lived Sci-fi show "Firefly" alive through annual charity screenings of the movie Serenity.

Since its inception in 2006, the Portland Serenity screening has raised over $28,000 for Equality Now, Joss Whedon's favored charity. And I say Portland because this charity screening is big, supported and duplicated by Firefly fans across the nation.

This year's celebration of Serenity differs from previous years, in that there are two screenings. The first is for tamer fans, those new to the series, and fans who wish to see Serenity in it's untarnished glory on the big screen. The second screening is for fans with a little Rocky Horror-esque need for live movie interaction in them. Like the Dude March screening for The Big Lebowski, "Special Hell" is a screening for the serious fans: the fans who are going to show up dressed in their favorite Firefly character's costume; the fans who endlessly quote portions of the movie to the point of being incredibly annoying; and the fans who will be among friends when lights go down and the opening credits roll.

Kara Helgren, board member of the PDX Browncoats, and self-professed Firefly obsessive has helped put on the annual screening since 2006. This year, "movie goers will get to poke fun and talk back to the screen. We're encouraging people to talk in the theater… and you can have beer…this year is going to be awesome".

If a theater full of loud-mouthed fans, drunk on Firefly canon and cheap beer isn't enough to satisfy you, fans are encouraged to join in for fun and frivolities at 7pm at the Gypsy. Fans will play in a Whedonverse pub quiz, rival for best costume, and rock ‘Dr. Horrible's Sing Along Blog' karaoke. Can't stop the Serenity. Can't stop the fans… Sci-fi nerds of Portland unite.

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