Where to Karaoke in Portland | Many Suggestions & Tips

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VoiceBox, Portland Karaoke
Scott Simon, owner
Voicebox Karaoke (voiceboxpdx.com)
2112 NW Hoyt St
Portland, OR 97210
Taken on November 6, 2008
Photo By GeoffK

You know someone in your posse this weekend will likely bring up the idea of a little Portland Karaoke action this weekend, but where to go? Obviously, you can check out Chopsticks and while Will Radik will likely be there, he doesn't usually work on weekends. So you need options and we asked people and we got them.

First, before you go out there like an amateur, read up on these Portland Karaoke posts by Mr. Radik (Mr. fancy pants is now at the Merc BTWso you can see more him there)

BarFly also has a large list of Karaoke bars in Portland here.

Many Portland Karaoke suggestions from our friends on Twitter after the break

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    : What's your favorite Karaoke spot(s) in Portland & what do you like to sing or why do you like it
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2 Responses to Where to Karaoke in Portland | Many Suggestions & Tips

  1. willradik June 19, 2009 at 7:12 pm #

    Hey. Thanks for the shout out, there. : > I am filling in for someone tonight so I will actually be working at Chop 2 on a weekend. Should be fun. : D

  2. Eevie May 4, 2015 at 10:48 am #

    Got to try candlelight restaurant and lounge 74 and Glisan. Thursday, Friday and Saturday. Great crowd, bartender, and Kj. Everybody gets to know each other, its a great group of people.

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