Isaac Hayes is TRUCK TURNER @ Hollywood Theater | May 30

There are a ton of great events tomorrow. View many, many here. Regardless, it is hard to pass this up. Look at that poster and read the description. Genius. I want to watch this movie every day for the next year. The “greatest pimp funeral in movie history“?!! Boom. I'm there.

From Dan/Grindhouse Film Fest:
Grindhouse Film Festival. Portland, OregonThis Saturday only at 7pm at the Hollywood Theatre, The Grindhouse Film Festival presents the blacksploitation classic TRUCK TURNER!  A tribute to the recently deceased Isaac Hayes!  Watch the trailer here:

TRUCK TURNER (1974) The great Isaac Hayes stars as bounty hunter Mac “Truck” Turner.  When he's not making the ladies swoon, he's busting cons who skip bail.  He's out to catch a pimp named Gator, but along the way he stirs up all kinds of trouble with the seedy 70's underworld.

A price is put on Truck's head: a stable of ho's is the prize for killing him. Yaphet Kotto plays a ruthless pimp out to collect, and Truck is forced to fight back.  This movie is filled with great dialogue, action packed excitement, and an amazing Isaac Hayes soundtrack (plus, the greatest pimp funeral in movie history).  A rare 35mm print with 70's blacksploitation trailers before the movie.  Don't miss it!

More information is on the website: The Grindhouse Film Festival is an independent production, not associated with the Hollywood Theatre.

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  1. dk May 29, 2009 at 5:14 pm #

    I don’t think Ike Turner was in this one.

  2. Julian Chadwick May 29, 2009 at 7:53 pm #

    He is not. Corrected. thanks.

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