FILMUSIK @ Hollywood Theater: Plan 9 From Outer Space | May 27, 29

Yeah, this is going to be pretty awesome. I am on the coast and yet I am up at midnight posting this b/c I forgot to before I left. I don't want you to miss out & I don't want to quit beach bumming, so I will let Galen take it from here…

From Galen/Director – Filmusik
Hey there,  I wanted to send a note about our film + music performances next Wednesday and Friday.  It's going to be a really good time,  their are some really great musicians and voice actors performing and the film itself is an absolute classic, not Casablanca classic, a different much more Ed Wood kind of classic. Here's the info about it:

FILMUSIK: Plan 9 From Outer Space
Filmusik at Hollywood Theater

On the 27th and 29th, teams of musicians, composers, voice actors and sound designers are congregating in the pit at the Hollywood Theatre to premiere a new soundtrack to Ed Wood's botched masterpiece of sci-fi cinema: Plan 9 From Outer Space.

The original strings + electronica score is performed live to the film by the Classical Revolution PDX string quartet and Sugar Short Wave. The film is dubbed in the pit by a cast of voice actors from the Willamette Radio Workshop with sound effects and foley by Heather Perkins.

Vampires, UFOs and purple pajama-wearing Aliens loom on the screen as the musicians bow, pluck and pound away furiously at the collaborative composition of Portland based composers Galen Huckins and Sugar Shortwave.  Our restored and colorized print of the film provided courtesy of Legend Films.  Filmusik promotes live performance over prerecorded media by presenting new venues for musicians and composers.

It's going to be a good time.  There's no better way to appreciate Ed Wood's visionary disaster than under the bows, batons, faders and pop-screens of our crack team of re-interpreters.

It starts at 7pm.
May 27th + 29th
Hollywood Theatre
Tickets $10. Students & Seniors $8

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  1. Rob Ankrom May 27, 2009 at 7:48 pm #

    Hey Galen,

    I look forward to seeing Plan 9 on Friday; btw, is there a way of getting a hold of one of the promo posters– either the small size or regular movie poster size? I’d be willing to buy one if need be.

    Thank you,

    Rob Ankrom.

  2. Galen May 28, 2009 at 1:32 pm #

    Rob –

    We will have some of the posters at our show tomorrow if you want to drop by. They will be free or close to it anyhow.

    Regards – Galen

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