The Top Coffee Shops in Portland: NW, NE, SW, SE, North

We all know that Portland has the best coffee shop scene in Stumptown Coffee @ New Seasons, Portland, Oregonthe country, regardless of the invasion from the mega-company of our northern neighbor. Being a Portland barista is not a job, it is a long-term profession for thousands & a right of passion for tens of thousands more.

Last week we answered many of your food questions such as the best Portland breakfasts, Thai Restaurants, Indian food and pizza.

This week, we are tackling where Portland drinks on PDX Pipeline. On day one, we've asked our twitter and Facebook friends one of the most important questions most people have to answer when moving here:

What is your favorite coffee shop and why?

And we received a lot of  answers. The thing is, there are MANY fantastic coffee shops in Portland and the one people settle on as favorites often has as much to do with location as quality, people, and comfort. That is one of the great things about this list below.

There are picks for SE, NE, North, SW, the Pearl, Nob Hill, Downtown, Gresham, Beaverton, and even Aloha! Wherever you live in Portland or are thinking about moving, there is a recommendation for you (maybe not St. John's…sorry for you). So, without further ado…

What are the best coffee shops in Portland & Why? 50+ answers after the break:

Portland Twitter Answers

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: What is your favorite coffee shop(s) in Portland & why? #pdxdrinks week (More PDX Q&A here:

Answers from Facebook

  • Terence Flanagan
    Terence Flanagan
    Cafe'Sintra, World cup coffee, Creama, Rimsky-Korsakoffe house(not opens late!)The latter has a great later night atmosphere however
  • Terence Flanagan
    Terence Flanagan
    Oh and Costello koffe house. Great food, very euro environment shows, soccer matches. The first time I went in, there was a table of english people, a table of Nigerians, and table with a french family watching a soccer match. It really reminded me of a cafe in Paris or Madrid or Lisbon. Great atmosphere without gimmicks and “trying”
  • Rori Lee Homme
    Rori Lee Homme
    I just go to the Starbucks at US Banktower–they are way too efficient and friendly to cause me to go elsewhere. Boring, I know…but true!
  • Terry Gentry

    Terry Gentry
    Coffee Plant. The experience.
  • Jessie Grav

    Jessie Grav
    floyd's on morrison
  • Christine Taylor
    Christine Taylor

    so many. Fresh Pot – cause there is one guy who works there who I swear makes the best pour around. Stumptown cause… its Stumptown.

  • Sean Harry
    Sean Harry
    I llke the Park Avenue Cafe on SW Park and Market. Near PSU and great food as well as coffee!
  • Bryan Donovan

    Bryan Donovan
    Portland Coffee House. Any location.
  • Luther Blanton
    Luther Blanton
    I don't drink coffee, but Sound Ground on Belmont at SE 37th is great. Friendly people behind the counter, wifi, plenty of space, small outdoor seating area. Since I drink tea I can't comment on the beverages all that much.
  • Leah M. Douvris

    Leah M. Douvris
    Coffee Plant! Love them to death. The entire crew and the owners just rock!
  • Jessica Lyness
    Jessica Lyness
    Goldrush Coffee on MLK. The staff is SUPER nice and they have delicious food and coffee.
  • Meghan Calahan
    Meghan Calahan
    Stumptown, blend on burnside, the cold water extract at Fresh Pot, and Bakery Bar on glisan
  • Cora B Conzoner
    Cora B Conzoner
    Floyd's Coffee Shop is my favorite. The employee's there are awesome and they make a great cup of coffee! I'm always treated like family when I go there!

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7 Responses to The Top Coffee Shops in Portland: NW, NE, SW, SE, North

  1. PDX Guy May 18, 2009 at 10:55 pm #

    I really love Floyd’s Coffee Shop in Old Town. Very comfortable, free Wifi, good coffee and friendly service.

  2. Katherine Gray May 19, 2009 at 7:57 am #

    I’m in love with the new Posies Cafe on N. Denver in the Kenton ‘hood. Not only have they brought new life to our neighborhood, but they have a separate (quiet) playroom for kids and they serve locally roasted coffee from Ristretto. Outlets at every table and great wifi, too.

  3. Keri Handaly May 19, 2009 at 1:32 pm #

    I am blessed to have two amazing shops, Ristretto and Jim and Patty’s in my neighborhood. But I think Ristretto’s roast is the best!

  4. KimJSCP May 20, 2009 at 10:19 pm #

    True Brew across from Brooklyn Park on SE Milwaukie Ave. Great drinks, atmosphere, people and books.

  5. RFP May 21, 2009 at 8:35 am #

    Blue Gardenia is absolutely my 2nd favorite place in the world. A small place in costa rica is 1st.

    Posies In Kenton just opened up and its now 3rd.

  6. AnnieM May 25, 2009 at 2:31 pm #

    My new favorite in SE is: The Flying Cat on SE Division across from the former Natures…um…what is that….SE 30th or so. Lovely owners…and it’s about to get a beer and wine license, serve tapaps, and have live music on the weekends! Go visit the gals and have Tina teach you all the ways she knows to tie a scarf! She’s amazing!

  7. ASLPortland May 28, 2009 at 7:49 am #

    Ava Roasteria – Beaverton. 2nd and SW Hall – – – Amazing courtyard and interior (attention to detail of design is over the top.) Great cuppa joe, desserts, sandwiches, (Can order cakes, etc.) , free WiFi, free live music Fri and Sat nights AND – open 24-7. Small Businesses Rock!

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