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The BEST Breakfast(s) in Portland | 25+ Suggestions

best breakfasts in portlandWe are nearing the end of food week on Pipeline. Tomorrow, tens of thousands of Porltanders will wake up and wonder where to go to breakfast. The NYTimes, in their continued love of our city, recently wrote about how many fantastic restaurants we have here with serious morning meals. But who needs some Manhattanite when you have the Pipeline?

We have you covered with 50+ REAL Portlanders‘ opinions on the subject. We even have local actress & video Astrologist Shannon Day‘s opinion. TAKE THAT “Paper of Record”. From this list of suggestions of our Portland Twitter & Facebook friends, you’ll be able to experience different top breakfasts around the PDX for the next 40 weeks.

I just ask one thing: Take me with you (paying would be nice too :) )

Featured: Weekend Brunch @ East Burn | Build-Your-Own Bloody Marys, Bottomless Pints


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Where are the Favorite (Best) breakfasts in Portland? 25+ Suggestions after the break…

From Twitter (lots of breakfast love on twitter)


From Facebook (I forgot the “& why” here so mostly just up votes):

  • Racheal Gaffney

    Racheal Gaffney

  • Cora B Conzoner
  • Cora B Conzoner

    Screen Door!
  • Luther Blanton
  • Luther Blanton

    Paradox or Pine State Biscuits
  • Kelly McNiece
    Kelly McNiece
    Milo’s (Eggs Bene)Bar Carlo (Eggs Bene)Diane’s (Diner style)Beesaw’s (Oatmeal)

    Super Torta (Egg Burritto)Read Moreor

    Holmans, open all night (spin the wheel)

    Roxy, open all night.(for the show)




  • Terence Flanagan
    Terence Flanagan
    I am with luther, Pine State is excellent, so is Tin Shed and Beesaws (both are busy though) and the Screen Door as well (really freakin busy). You and the food thing Julian, you’re killing my diet:)
  • Terence Flanagan
    Terence Flanagan
    Also try Genies and the Byway Cafe. My personal favorite is The Stepping Stone Cafe, enjoy
  • Shannon Day

    Shannon Day

    Cafe Nell – though the service is slow….
  • Sarah Schlosser-Moon

    Sarah Schlosser-Moon

    Cadillac on NE Broadway. No contest.
  • Sean Harry

    Sean Harry

    Cameo Cafe off NW 23rd and Burnside. The pancakes are HUGE!!!

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6 Responses to The BEST Breakfast(s) in Portland | 25+ Suggestions

  1. jmartens May 15, 2009 at 22:20 #

    I haven’t been in years but Marco’s in Multnomah Village was the best!

  2. JBJ May 16, 2009 at 15:45 #

    If you live in Kenton or North Portland, I’d suggest John Street Cafe. We’ve been going there for at least 10 years now. Great omelettes and hash, and they make a great pancake as well. The backyard dining is quite peaceful.

  3. PDX Advice Guy May 17, 2009 at 09:39 #

    I got into this late, buuuuuut…

    I absolutely LOVE Zell’s over on SE Morrison (1300 SE Morrison St to be exact). A friend took me there a while back and I really got into the place and that’s difficult since I’m really not a breakfast person.

    That said, Zell’s is known for their German pancakes and they are absolutely outstanding. The last couple times I’ve gone, I’ve had the french toast (SO delicious) and a chalkboard special, the chilequiles (which I think I’m not typing correctly). The chiles dish (bacon, tortilla chips, scrambled eggs, and black beans) was incredible and rather filling.

    The wait staff is always personable and the services never wanes at all. Busy or slow, it’s always a great experience. Plus you get free scones, how can you beat that?

  4. navid May 18, 2009 at 22:57 #

    Cafe Lili’s in SE Sellwood. awesome organic and creative dishes
    weekend @ Pambeche on NE Glison and 26th for a fantastic Cuban brunch

  5. Alysia May 22, 2009 at 09:45 #

    Jam on Hawthorne and Toast on SE 52nd!

  6. Angela September 24, 2013 at 18:53 #

    Raven & Rose downtown in the old Historical Ladd Carriage Building does a killer brunch on Saturdays and Sunday!! Usually there isn’t even a wait, which can be very hard to find in Portland. Plus their breakfast cocktails are awesome!

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