What is the BEST Indian Food & Restaurant(s) in Portland? 25+ Suggestions

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We're been asking our Portland Twitter followers advice and suggestions happy hours, tattoo shops, Bloody Marys, local beers, music venues and more the last month. The PDX Pipeline doesn't have much advice on food & resturatnts in Portland, so we are having a food week of Q&A.

We started this week with Indian Food because many people don't know where to grab good Indian food in the Portland area or believe there is none. There are 25+ replies below and Chennai Masala, Swagat, Vindalho, and Bombay Chaat House (food cart) seem to be Portland's favorites with Chennai Masala (in Hillsboro) the overall top pick.

Portland Twitter Question- Best Indian Food

Where is the best Indian food in Portland? 25+ replies after the break…

  • 3494472451_4d0a031231_s_normal

    @PdxPipeline India House downtown. it's just the best.
  • Maura_normal

    : @PdxPipeline India Chaat House and New Taste of India (carts in SW). Great deals and delicious food!
  • Lastfm_profile_normal

    : Looking forward to #indianfood replies @PdxPipeline. Been disappointed lately by too many places here in town.
  • Ohm_normal

    : @PdxPipeline Swagat on NW Lovejoy is my fav Indian food. Great flavor, fantastic service, and good prices. Yum!
  • Me_normal

    ashleybern: @PdxPipeline Swagat on Lovejoy has great indian eats and a lentil flour pastry w honey + rosewater that is 2die4! http://tinyurl.com/ovkabw

  • Twavatar_normal

    : @PdxPipeline I barely leave PDX, but Chennai Masala off 185th in Hillsboro is worth the drive. No atmosphere to speak of, but awesome food.
  • Ejp175x175_normal

    : @PdxPipeline India grill on e burnside, delicious, not spendy, and they have poori (deep fried bready goodness)
  • Orlando_-_sap_conference_002-2_normal

    : @pdxpipeline best Indian food in PDX is the Bombay Cricket Club on SE Hawthorne. Best Channa Masala anywhere.
  • 3360104868_dc724d3743_s_normal

    : @pdxpipeline best Indian food in PDX is the Bombay Cricket Club on SE Hawthorne. Best Channa Masala anywhere. http://ff.im/-2Nj9Y
  • Portland_normal

    : @PdxPipeline Good Portland Indian food: Vindalho, India Chaat House & Bombay Chaat House Food Carts, India House, India Oven & Swagat
  • Lynnette-116_normal

    : @PdxPipeline Love Vindalho, because David Machado is a magician. Also fond of Indish, because Raj (the owner) is such a great host.
  • Mail_normal

    : @onportland @pdxpipeline if you're looking for something a bit pricier and a little more upscale try Plainfield Mayur on SW King I think.
  • Sherri_and_monster_normal
    PDXyogini: @PdxPipeline Best Indian? The Bombay Chaat House cart downtown is awesome! For dosa I occasionally venture out to Abhiruchi in Beaverton.
  • Dscn0223_normal

    : @PdxPipeline I like Sweet Basils here in N.W. Tasty, walking distance and very nice people.
  • Evaheadshot_normal
    EvaCatHerder: @PdxPipeline Bombay Chaat House (formerly India Chaat House) on SW 12th & Yamhill. Tastes great, best food deal in PDX ($5.50=4 meals)
  • Telbtjr107_normal

    : @PdxPipeline there are very few good Indian food options in Portland. Vindalho is my favorite.
  • Mike_normal
    concernedgamer: @PdxPipeline Real Taste of India food cart cuz quality+quantity/cost factor Looking forward to answers as most Indian I've had here = bad
  • Default_profile_normal

    : @PdxPipeline India Grill has best Indian food in #pdx, consistent, yummy and affordable. Garlic naan and chicken tikka masala is my fav!
  • Twitterprofile_normal

    : @PdxPipeline I've heard nothing but good things about New Delhi on Barbur. Had my first real Indian meal there; it was good!
  • Picture_normal

    A new taste of India is pretty good
  • Picture_2_normal

    : @PdxPipeline Chennai Masala, out in Hilsboro, is the best Indian in the metro region: http://chennaimasalaonline.com/. Worth driving to.
  • Painting6_normal

    : @PdxPipeline I'm rarely on that side of the hills, but I like Swagat in Beavertron. It's like someone's house was converted to a restaurant.
  • Photo_14_normal

    : @PdxPipeline I vote for Chennai Masala, though I hope that Hillsboro counts as Portland-ish. Really fresh, amazing food. Dosa!!
  • Czech83_normal

    : @PdxPipeline: Chennai Masala, but it's in Hillsboro (does that count?)
  • Theveil_normal

    : @pdxpipeline Lentil Garden in Beaverton gets my vote for Portland's best Indian food .
  • 3401881367_43484dfcdd_normal

    : @PDXpipeline – the new Bombay Chaat House – you can't beat the quality at that price! runner up: Bombay Cricket Club + mango margarita.
  • Extramsg_normal
    extramsg: @PdxPipeline Tandoor, Chennai Masala, East India, Indish, Vindalho – fresh, vibrant flavors, not just something from yesterday's steam table
  • M_59bb20df8b1d4bc5a41654a54dc31cde_normal
    samiwalker: @PdxPipeline The New Taste of India food cart on 4th and Hall. They make everything fresh, affordable, and have awesome veggie samosas!
  • Avatar2_normal

    : @PdxPipeline – India House downtown -but – if anyone starts offering Butter Chicken Roti (really, anyone!) then they are my new fav…
  • Lisa_l_normal

    : @PdxPipeline Best Indian of what I sampled so far is “Tandor Indian Kichen” …I think it is called?

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11 Responses to What is the BEST Indian Food & Restaurant(s) in Portland? 25+ Suggestions

  1. mohawkadam May 11, 2009 at 7:52 pm #

    1- Chennai Masala
    2 – Tandoor

  2. hoopla May 11, 2009 at 8:01 pm #

    New Delhi on Barbur Blvd in SW Portland is the BEST! Nice service, good prices, great food!

  3. @fool May 11, 2009 at 8:03 pm #

    if we’re talking best in metro, i’ve tasted none better than abhiruchi in the ‘tron. worth an hour and a half on the max, imho, and the buffet changes daily. swagat on lovejoy (didn’t enjoy the hillsboro location) is my second place for a buffet, bombay chaat house for nonbuffet.

  4. AXcordova May 11, 2009 at 8:54 pm #

    INDISH. 21st near Everett.

  5. Sherri May 12, 2009 at 8:22 am #

    Hmmm… I may have to venture out to Hillsboro to try Chennai Masala for the dosa! I’ve always hit up Abhiruchi for this particular dish, but would be interesting to check out other place that serve it.

    Maybe the service has improved at Swagat in NW. Last time I was there I ordered a chai, which never came. When we needed more water I finally ended up going and finding a pitcher myself and refilling for my table since the server consistently forgot us despite multiple polite requests.

    I just spotted Tandoor a few weeks ago while walking to the bus. Good to see so many mentions of it – that encourages me to pop in and check it out. Same with Indish, which I’d not heard of before.

  6. @missorian May 12, 2009 at 11:21 am #

    chennai masala is quite good, swagat buffet is really really good. but so far for dinner, I love lentil gardens, it’s manchurian/indian. quite a different experience.

  7. 4me May 12, 2009 at 1:54 pm #

    In this order
    Chennai Masala
    East India
    Lentil Garden
    Chat House

  8. Sarah June 4, 2009 at 6:58 am #

    It’s a hike but worth it: Chutney’s in (dare I say it) Vancouver at 164th.

  9. Niki August 3, 2011 at 11:24 pm #

    I was born and brought up in india, and as most people said here, portland is not great when it comes to indian food. Right now, I like east india co. in downtown. For pricier, upscale type dinner I like Plainfield’s Mayur. The food carts in downtown, new taste of india and the one next to it are great to get a taste of punjabi street food. Chennai Masala in hillsboro is ok for south indian.

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