Where is the BEST Bloody Mary in Portland? | 25+ Suggestions

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bloody mary drinkCinco de Mayo Drinko is upon us and you might possibly have some hangovers this month with all these events & parties going on. Many people believe in the curative powers of the Bloody Mary. PDX Pipeline is going on a Bloody Mary Tour this month (please loan us $200+) to investigate the many Bloodys of Portland.

We asked our Portland Twitter followers (and my Facebook peoples) to suggest places to go. Below are the answers. If you have other suggestions or want to give votes for the ones listed here, comment below. We will do our best to visit every place listed/commented and document the experience (wait, $500 loan please :) )

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Where is the BEST Bloody Mary in Portland answers.

From Facebook (Cora works at Ladd's Inn):

  • Portland Bloody Mary

“Where is the BEST Bloody Mary in Portland?” Twitter answers after break…

From Twitter Direct Message:

  • bloody mary portland (starky's)

From Twitter Public Messages:

  • Pipeline-logo_normal

: Twitter Question: May=Bloody Mary tour of PDX. Where do you like/Who has great Bloody Marys in PDX? (will post answers later)

  • Tootscaboose-profilepic_normal

: @PdxPipeline Great Bloody Mary's at Meriwether's in NW PDX • http://meriwethersnw.com/

  • L_317cbabd322846fba3548a9f4450713b_normal

: @PdxPipeline Best selection is Florida Room on Killingsworth, but the tastiest Bloody Mary in town is at the Marathon!

  • 552040786_l_normal

@PdxPipeline Florida Room! Church of the Bloody Mary!

  • Nf_normal

: @PdxPipeline Clyde Common has a fantastic Bloody Mary. One bartender in particular makes it very well. But I cannot recall his name.

  • Me_normal

: @PdxPipeline Beesaw's on 23rd and Savier has great Bloody Marys. They go well with their gluten-free pancakes!

  • Img_0443_normal

: @PdxPipeline Imbibe does a pretty good job at Bloody Marys – i.e. the Bloody Bloody – very spicy

  • Kalina_uke_small_normal

: @PdxPipeline Crush serves a really lovely Muddled Garden Mary with house-pickled vegetables – but only for brunch.

  • Totoro_normal

: @PdxPipeline Screen Door, Cricket Cafe, and Bread & Ink are my faves. Also Jam's Bloody Mary w/rosemary vodka, mmmm.

  • Twitterskryfern_normal

@PdxPipeline Leipzig Tavern, Livingroom Theaters – bloodiest maries

  • P1010248lo_normal

: @PdxPipeline The best bloody's I've had are at the Caddilac Cafe and Sinnot's Lil' Cooperstown.

  • Bf_redlogo_small_normal

: Rt @pdxpipeline Twitter Question: May=Bloody Mary tour of PDX. Where do you like/Who has great Bloody Marys in PDX?

  • Trishapic_normal

: @portlandbarfly …re: where to go for Bloody Marys in Portland: The Delta has a wicked Bloody Mary bar.

  • Ejp175x175_normal

: @PdxPipeline My Father's Place, hands freaking down best Bloody Mary #inpdx
  • Glasses_normal

: @PdxPipeline Oh, Damn – Roux has a killer one: Plantation Mary, it's on their Bayou Drink menu. Also, go on to the Cadillac Cafe. Damn nice.
  • Orianface2_normal

: @PdxPipeline oo ok for taste? Helsers is good as is beesaws for price and good? My fathers place nods yes
  • 1-177319285l_normal

great bloody marys at Crush.
  • Fractal_normal

@PdxPipeline Tin Shed at 14th and Alberta. Spicy.
  • Fini_normal

Dingo's Taco Bar on hawthorne, so I've heard.
  • L_bef6605ae4e938670fd4c6f6acbb053e_normal

@PdxPipeline for bloody marys it's got to be Holmans. BEST EVER!
  • Beer-bottle-tree_normal

best bloody mary…Jo Bar on NW 23rd
  • Img_0277_normal

: @PdxPipeline Meriwether's hands down. They make their own mix – so numbingly good. They call 'em Bloody Meriwethers.
  • Earth__clouds__normal

@PdxPipeline the delta cafe has the best bloody marys
  • Photo_29_normal

: @PdxPipeline BEST BLOODY MARY: Ringside – Burnside location. Jim makes 'em yummy!
  • Crazy_harry_normal

@PdxPipeline best bloody mary: cricket cafe

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3 Responses to Where is the BEST Bloody Mary in Portland? | 25+ Suggestions

  1. PSCFlounder May 2, 2009 at 8:01 pm #

    The Best Bloody Mary’s in town are at Holmans because you make them yourself.

  2. jjacky10 May 3, 2009 at 1:21 am #

    I think everyone agrees on that, and i do too, holmans are the best bloody marys ever.

  3. Dan May 15, 2009 at 11:52 am #

    I don’t do Vodka so Bloody Maria’s (tequila) for me. The best I have had around PDX was at Edgefield, their Garden Fresh Bloody Maria (or Mary is you choose) is hands down the best. I recently had one at Macaroni Grill downtown that was pretty good to. If you prefer to make your own at home … Red Eye mix (only find it in liquor stores) is the best in that area. I prefer the habanero but they are all good.

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