Game 5 Preview: Portland Trail Blazers vs Houston Rockets

(For Blazers playoff coverage: 2009 NBA Playoff Coverage: Portland Trail Blazers)

Posted by Andy Popp

Elimination Looms

Portland Trail blazers

This is what the NBA playoffs are all about.

Tonight, most of the story stays the same: the Blazers must rebound and help out Brandon Roy offensively. They need to be aggressive. Take the ball inside and get to the freethrow line.

The most interesting dynamic involves Nate McMillan and the referees. McMillan spoke publicly about the (shitty) officiating after game 4. Saying that the referees needed to be more consistent; they cant protect Yao Ming (See Greg Oden/Joel Przybilla's lack of minutes) and allow Shane Battier and Ron Artest to mug Brandon Roy.

Talking points:

* Will we see the LaMarcus Aldridge of game 2 or game 4?
* Can Oden play more than 11.5 minutes?
* What kind of game 5 does Roy have in him?
* How will Travis Outlaw react after his solid game 4?
* How will Coach McMillan handle the minutes in an all or nothing elimination game?
* Will Rudy Fernandez see extended minutes?
* Will the refs not suck?
* Will the Blazers come out nervous?
* Can a Blazer not named Brandon Roy get to the freethrow line more than once?

It's an elimination game, look for the refs to back off and let the teams slug this one out.

Enjoy what might be the last Blazer game of the season.

Las Vegas believes the Blazers are 5.5 points better than the rockets

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2 Responses to Game 5 Preview: Portland Trail Blazers vs Houston Rockets

  1. Rob B. April 28, 2009 at 4:26 pm #

    I’ve heard mention around town that there may be a petition towards the NBA to rid the referee world of Monty after game 4. That was a ridiculous game.

    • Andy Popp April 28, 2009 at 4:39 pm #

      Unfortunately, Stern’s has all the referees under his thumb.

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