Cinco De Lebowski @ Laurelhurst Park & Bagdad Theater | May 1

May is arriving shortly and that means there is going to be a ton of events this Friday and throughout the coming summer. Still, if you are a Big Lebowski fan, you really can't beat this one. This dude abides…*

Also, let me say (to anyone who hasn't heard me say it over and over)  that there was a WALTER SOBCHAK LOOK ALIKE at Bridgetown Comedy Fest and he told me I was “over the line”. It was awesome.

(For list of weekend events: 75+ Portland Weekend Events | April 30-May 3)

From the “Fatboy” at KUFO:
big lebowskiThis Friday is not only May Day, it's a holiday Portland seems to be embracing almost as tightly as a tall can of Pabst and a bag full of books in the sell-back line at Powells.

It's the 4th Annual Cinco De Lebowski.

The Cort and Fatboy Midnight Movie, occurring the first Friday of every month, has been Lebowski-flavored every May. Last year, the March of the Lebowskis was introduced, a parade of Dudes, bathrobed and abiding, starting at the basketball courts in Laurelhurst Park on the corner of SE 39th and SE Stark, and strolling casually towards The Bagdad Theater on the corner of 37th and Hawthorne. This year, the March is not optional: The only way to get into Cinco De Lebowski IV: The Day of the Lebowskis is to join the March.

Participants must

1) Wear a bathrobe (wear clothes under the bathrobe, please)
2) Have their ID on them
3) Abide.

There is no admission charge. Please show up sometime around late 8pm on Friday, the march will start shortly after 9p. The Bagdad capacity is roughly 600 people, so show up to the park early if you want to procure yourself a seat. Pre-show entertainment will be provided by The Troublemakers, who may or may not work a couple Credence tunes into their set. McMenamin's is running a deal on “Dudes,” their version of the classic White Russian cocktail, and of course, to cap it all off, The Big Lebowski, on the big screen, expected to pack the Bagdad to the rafters for the 4th year straight, starting at 11pm.

*that was a terrible joke, wasn't it?

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  1. Sarah April 28, 2009 at 1:40 pm #

    Don’t forget that Lebowski Fest is coming to PDX this year!

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