Playoffs Recap: Blazers vs Rockets | Game 4

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Posted by Andy Popp

Big Shot Battier?

Yesterday I wrote that last night's game was 'do or die' for the Blazers. Well, they didn't “do.” For a Blazer team that has handled adversity with so much poise throughout the year, they made a lot of uncharacteristic mistakes down the stretch last night. Joel Przybilla rushed a pass that ended up 3 rows into the stands on the other side of the court. Steve Blake didn't account for Ron Artest behind him on a fast break. Brandon Roy went a little too hard at the rim.

When we lose to the Rockets, the game changes but the stories stay the same: the Blazers got outrebounded, Greg Oden couldn't stay on the floor and the Rockets got to the free-throw line, as they're always the aggressors.

They're losing, but at the same time, they're learning how to win. Matched up with a veteran Rockets team that's collectively way more experienced, they're putting up a fight. Experiencing first hand exactly what it takes to win at this level.

You're going to read and hear a lot of negative things; fans want to blame these back to back road losses on something and they're going to be pointing fingers everywhere: the refs, Steve Blake, the refs, Nate McMillan, the refs, too many jump shots, the refs, Travis Outlaw, the refs and Rudy Fernandez's lack of playing time. Is anybody really surprised? Should I feign shock right now? It's no secret that we need an upgrade at point guard if we're going to make a championship run. We've been a jump shooting team since day 1. The road block at small forward? It's been discussed ad nausea this year. The refs? Of course they make bad calls. None of this is new.

The time to play the blame game is when the Blazers have been eliminated. For now, just enjoy the playoff basketball.

It's been a series of 'firsts' for the Blazers. First playoff game, first playoff road game and tomorrow night brings with it their first elimination game. It's too bad they're on the wrong side.

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  1. Dave Allen April 27, 2009 at 8:37 pm #

    I’ve been talking about Battier for a while now. Here’s my post from April 23rd –

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