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Blazer Bruce
Massive 6 Dance Party
Crown Room
Portland, Oregon

Last night was a full one. After watching a ton of comedy at Bridgetown Comedy Fest and Golden Bears at Someday Lounge, we headed over to Leigh's famous dance party, Massive. We got there just in time to catch fantastic fashion show and see the surprise guest, BLAZER BRUCE.

Fun times…I'm exhausted

This is the best photo of Blazer Bruce (bonus Police) I have seen.

(For Blazers playoff coverage: 2009 NBA Playoff Coverage: Portland Trail Blazers )

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  1. Brian Jeremiah April 29, 2009 at 5:13 pm #

    Yup, that’s my dad. He loves being Blazer Bruce. He took us to one of the Championship games back in 77 or 78 whenever it was that we won the championship. He’s been a long time Blazer fan and he is glad to make a fool of himself to pump up the crowd LOL

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