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(For more playoff coverage: 2009 NBA Playoff Coverage: Portland Trail Blazers )

Western Conference Playoff Preview
Video by J.E. Skeets & Tas Melas
AKA The Basketball Jones
Posted April 16, 2009

From the description:

On today's second playoffs preview show, Tas and I take a look at these eight strong teams matching up in the West. Can Carmelo Anthony finally get out of the first round? Are the Blazers too young to win in the postseason? Unlike the regular season, can the Jazz play some defense against LA? Are the Big Two enough to carry San Antonio past Dallas? So many questions, so many coins flipped.

Well, you have to go to the 15th minute (which means waiting a minute or so to download that much) to get the Portland Trail Blazers, but here are some takeaways

** Is that Skeets's house? Is that what NBA journalism buys? Now, you know why we are kicking up the Blazers coverage here. :)

** They both think that that this is going to 7 games, with it mainly being decided by Portland having home court.That's fine. I think it will be less, but that works for me. We are young and can handle going through a long series.

** Blazers will have the “loudest arena arena in the playoffs.”

** Tas will beat you down if you call Portland a “young team”. He says something like “I will fight anyone who says they play like a young team. I will fight them right now. They say Canadians are nice people, but I will kill you for saying that”…I think that is what I heard.

** Tas pronounces Oregon as Or-ra-gan.

You can watch their Eastern Conference predictions here, and also read Ben from BlazersEdge and Kelly Dwyer's predictions Skeets's main site, Ball Don't Lie (Blazers in 7 as well).

You might be asking yourself, is anyone predicting the Rockets to win who isn't a loyal Rockets fan? Apparently, some jerkoffs at ESPN are doing just that.

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