The Portland Cello Project : Ashia at Virgo and Pisces | March 28th

Posted By Megan Bradley

Fans of The Portland Cello Project would do well to aisha, Portland Cello Projectkeeps their eyes and ears out for the member's many side projects. As they build audiences for their solo work, you can often catch them for free these days. Wednesday night at wine bar The Press Club on 26th and Clinton in Southeast, was the brilliant inaugural edition of Cello in the Round, a sort of showcase for these various projects.

Playing to a packed house of 70 in this tiny, usually mellow joint, Cello Project members, Allegra M (myspace), Ashia, Anna Fritz and Sami Kushnick (as Walking Home: myspace), Sonja Myklebust (myspace), and Skip Von Kuske (myspace), showed off their skills. The show was a hit, so this is likely to become a regular bi-monthly gig (although turnout was so great, expect it to be at a slightly larger venue next time).

Organizer of Cello in the Round, Ashia, Polish-American diva, self-described as “Cello Folk Cabaret for Babushka Lovers”, made my heart catch fire, burn, and then smolder for five delicious minutes with her torch number, Pay to Be Loved. Her cello playing is of course up to the high standards of any Cello Project performer, but add in her voice and the alchemy is magic. Check her music page at: She is playing for free (well, buy some drinks, eat some food) this Saturday at bar/restaurant Virgo and Pisces in Nob Hill (Northwest) at 10PM:

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  1. JBV March 29, 2009 at 5:33 am #

    sounds like it was amazing…I want to go see them!

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