Last Thursday at Goodfoot Lounge: Jesse Reno & Mike Fields

As usual, the Goodfoot Lounge is having a great Last Thursday art opening. Both of these artists are talented and I have seen their work several times. Jesse Reno's shows are not to be missed, and it is always great to see him on display on the high walls of Goodfoot Upstiars. Mike also runs two interesting Portland arts sites: &

Last Thursday might be a big day for Alberta, but you'll find me on SE Stark.

From Jason at Goodfoot Lounge:
Goodfoot First Thursday, Portland, Oregon; Jesse RenoThe Goodfoot will have an art opening the last Thursday of March, the 26th from 5-11pm the show will be up until April 27th.  The artists this month are Jesse Reno & Michael Fields.

In the latest series of paintings by Portland-based artist Jesse Reno, shamanic beings struggle to find their place in a world simultaneously on the verge of expanding and collapsing. Totem animals and Native American figures reverberate memories of people who once lived as one with nature. Marked by symbols, these figures seek their dreams in the growth of trees and the passing of spirits. On their quest to find their true selves, they collect feathers and relics left by past encounters and past lives. They learn to transcend the boundaries of the rational world evolving into a collage of what they have become and encountered. In this body of work, Reno presents us with a journey leading inward to ultimately expand outward: “If you have moved wisely your dreams will still grow when you are gone.”

This will be reno's last show in portland before leaving for two museum exhibitions in france this coming may and june. it will serve as a release party for his latest book – lessons and skeletons – a collection of over 35 new works in full color full bled printing.  works in the show will range from 3x7ft paintings to 8x10in drawings the created between early 2008 up till im sure a few days before the show.

Michael Fields is a self-taught artist based in Portland, Oregon. His work is the product of personal reflection.. "When I paint, I comtemplate the world as I know it: situations and people of past, present and future come into focus and it is my reaction to these concepts that dictates what emerges onto the canvas." Michael's work is born not of planned composition, but inner dialog, often challenging the viewer to decipher messages both on the surface and buried deep within it's structure.

You can view and purchase art from the entire show after March 28th Here.  Current show is there now.

The goodfoot
2845 SE Stark

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  1. Beverly Kaye March 26, 2009 at 12:08 pm #

    I couldn’t be more jealous of those living close enough to attend this event. Jesse Reno is one of my favorite artists, and I’m so pleased to hear of his upcoming museums shows. How well deserved! I’ve mentioned him on my blog, and will do so again, as readers love to see his unique style.

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