Get Mortified, Friends!: Someday Lounge | April 3, 4

Get Mortified, Friends! By Meagan Kate

Middle school was bullshit. I think we can all agree on that fact.

During this horrific phase in my life, I wrote a lot of sappy journal entries about how my parents didn't understand me and never would. I mentioned in these hastily scribed pages that I was absolutely certain I was the ugliest girl on the face of the Earth and would never make out with a boy, let alone have SEX with one!

I know, it's so silly! Because I'm so witty and beautiful and smart and beautiful and friendly. And beautiful.

It took twenty-two years, but I now realize I was not the only pre-teen with these insane thoughts regarding the desired sex and my parental units.

How did I realize this, you ask?

It wasn't a revelation that Oprah provided through her Book Club. It wasn't my shrink. It wasn't a discussion with a friend. It was watching strangers tell their story.

A few months ago, I headed to Someday Lounge for Mortified. Though the name intrigued me, all I knew was that I would be watching people read their diaries from childhood. For the next few hours, I stood in the back of the crowded room laughing hysterically as a random selection of Portlanders stood on stage with a single microphone and the tattered pages of their old notebooks.

The storytellers shared  their fears, their embarrassing moments, and their joys. Though the house was packed, it was easy to feel like I was sharing drinks with an intimate group of friends.

Mortified was, for me, the affirmation that I was/am not crazy, but quite the opposite. On a deeper level, it puts a face to the absurdity of the fears and self-deprecating thoughts that followed many of us into adulthood.

Next weekend, Mortified Portland returns with two nights of brave souls. The show has been widely praised here in Portland, and in its other “chapters” around the country.

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***TIME: 8:30PM (DOORS OPEN AT 7:30)***

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  1. @pdxsasy March 27, 2009 at 1:22 pm #

    Why is Mortified better than Post Secrets? Better than Found? Because it’s the people who had to the firing squad that present their own stories!

  2. @chimpchampion March 28, 2009 at 4:08 pm #

    Cripes! I’m trying just about EVerything to get a pair o’ these tix! :) I’ll do a tutu dance by this point, honest!!


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