Latte Art Battle to the Death: PDX Tamp Your Face Off! | February 26

OK, Pipeline likes the dark tar. We like to get “jacked up“. Below are some barrels we keep at Pipeline headquarters (or they are barrels from the remodeled Fred Meyer on SE 39th?–you decide). We often just scoop it out, rub it on our gums and eat it up. Who has time for the shot pullin'? Nope. Not us.

Why are we telling you about our smack caffeine problems? Because tomorrow is a Portland coffee showdown and if you are not “focused on the beans“—FOCUS now!

From January:
Fred Meyer SE 39th and Hawthorne, Portland, OregonMy name is January xxxxxx. Local coffee slinger and muckraker. We've been putting together a little event that your readers may dig. This event is part of a larger effort to unite the Portland coffee community.

We really want every coffee dork in this town to have an opportunity to jam with us. Oh, and you mortals are welcome too. If you haven't been to a barista jam before, you have not lived. A room full of people geeked out on coffee. . . drinking beer. . .smack talking. . . tasting. . . pouring. In a word: heaven.

Portland will be hosting the United Stated Barista Competition in early March. We hope that this event will be just the kick in the pants our fair city needs to get focused on the beans.

PDX Tamp Your Face Off!
Local Coffee Roaster Tasting
Latte Art Battle to the Death

“Come to flaunt your skills or bask in the glory of Puddletown's finest pours. Rub elbows with local roasters, packers and pullers”

February 26th 2009 @ 7pm
Hosted by: Blend Coffee Lounge
2710 N Killingsworth Street

So far these are the roasters that have confirmed:

Cherry Coffee Roasters
Stumptown Coffee Roasters
Courier Coffee Roaster
Cellar Door Coffee Roasters
St. Johns Coffee Roasters
World Cup Coffee Roasters
Coava Coffee Roasters

and from our neighbors in the Columbia Gorge:

10 Speed Coffee Roasters, Hood River, Oregon
Sasquatch Coffee Roasters, Skamania, Washington

The kids from Olympia Coffee Roasters may even be on hand.

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  1. Mark February 25, 2009 at 9:38 pm #

    Coffee pic FAIL! I get “jacked” up on decaf too.

  2. Travis Wittwer March 5, 2009 at 10:36 pm #

    And a coffee bike rack for the bike tour of local coffee shops,

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