Upstream Battle, a German Documentary playing at PIFF

By Arthur Smid

Upstream battle, Portland International Film FestUpstream Battle showing at the Portland International Film Festival is one of the few, the proud, the only German film to feature Oregon politics?! What? Our squabbles over a few dams along the Klamath river interest the Germans? What gives?

Gotta love the Germans. All that historical guilt running them in the right direction. When you're unconscious of evil, you can commit evil acts and believe you are doing good. The German people seeing themselves portrayed as the bad guy in every popular entertainment from the Great War: it's bound to repel everyday Germans from anything that reeks of wrong-doing. The green movement is on good footing in northern Europe.

Let's talk about how the Pacific Northwest sources its power. Hydropower is one of those friendly fuels, right? Damn. That's what I thought too… Cough, cough. Ah, the regrettable realities that meet our scientific solutions to all things human, all things natural.Unfortunately, the stagnant pools above the dams became infested with a bacterial cocktail of algae blooms as a result of nitrate-rich runoff from industrial farms. This results in a shocking die-off of fish and the death of small animals drinking from the water. Top that off with the inability of wild salmon to reach their native spawning ground, and you have a strong case for removing all four dams along the Klamath.

The film shows the forces at play. The people speak, they sing, they argue, they cry… yeah, people are politics. That's all of us, every single pursuit of life, liberty, and property. Politics are for all of us, one and all. Full story here…

Screening times and info from NW Film:
Director: Ben Kempas
Sun Feb 15 7:30PM B3
Mon Feb 16 6:30PM B3

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