Portland Twitter Giveaways: Fall of the House Tickets

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We are having another twitter giveaway Thursday at 1:30 PM. The prize is two Fall of the House tickets ($24 total). You can use them at any of the future shows of Season 4. The show is fantastic and you can read some reviews below.

We are having twitter giveaways at least once a week now. This is the 3rd one in the last 7 days including Spiderman Obama comics from Floating World and Chocolate fest Tickets (view giveaways here). We have many more great ones coming including a lot of concert tickets, theater tickets, film tickets, products from local businesses, etc. So, FOLLOW PDX PIPELINE on Twitter and win.

Reviews of Fall of the House:

UPDATE: Aubrey Jessen from Fall of The House video drawing after the jump…

How to win: Follow pdxpipeline on twitter. We will put up a question at 1:30PM on Thursday. Answer it with a reply to @pdxpipeline. We will take answers until 2PM. We will put answers in a hat and video the drawing. You can view a video here of Miranda (writer/producer of Fall of the House) drawing our last prizes. Good Luck.

Fall of the House SHOW DATES:
Episode 1: January 29th —February 1st
Episode 2: February 6th — 8th
Episode 3: February 13th — 15th
Episode 4: February 20th – 22nd

Video of Aubrey Jensen (Julie) reading the winner


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