Portland Weekend: Art, Music, Film, Chocolate, Beer, Dance | January 29-February 1

No rain or snow this weekend in Portland to keep you in, and Leigh just sent over the party email. There are 70+ events, shows, etc happening starting tonight.

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Portland Skyline

From Leigh Feldman:

Oh snap, this weekend is massive. So much going on it's going to be hard to decide what to do. There are movies, art shows, clothing sales, black jack nights, dance parties, free beer giveaways, chocolate festivals, house parties, magazine parties, benefit parties, warehouse parties, birthday parties, nude photos, a party with Simon Rex from MTV fame, fashion shows for lingerie and brides to be and even a 'poetography' exhibit. Whew. It's almost too much to make a decision. Perhaps these two mixes can sway you one way or the other…

MIX 1) DJ Zimme Live 90's Mix – http://www.zshare.net/audio/52131887a1b5e26a/
MIX 2) Monk One Funky Mix – http://www.nyctrust.com/musicbox/funkypromo.mp3

Hope to see you all out and about! Leigh Feldman

Thursday, January 29

  • DJ Smooth Hoperator @ Lagano Lounge (hip hop and cheap drinks)
  • Bon Temps Rouge CD Release Party @ LaurelThirst (French and folk artists at this neighborhood bar)
  • Recession Buster Bash @ Slabtown (rock, free t-shirts, egg sandy's and cheap drinks)
  • In It To Fund It Party @ Egyptian Club (ladies ladies ladies)
  • Indulgence @ Hawthorne Theater (burlesque dancing with ladies ladies ladies)
  • Dapper Cap Weekly Party w/ DJ Wicked @ Dapper Cap Store (free beer, good music, great selection of hats no one else carries)
  • Secrets of the Salt @ Crown Room (emotional rock and cheap drinks)
  • Arabella 2009: Examination of the Modern Web @ Holocene (sounds like an interesting night of art, music and technology)
  • The Good, The Bad, The Ugly @ NW Film Center (wah wah waaah, do do do, do do do do… I was trying to make the sounds from the soundtrack)
  • Last Thursday @ Goodfoot (guaranteed good music and good art)
  • NW Hip Hop Breakout Showcase @ Ash Street Saloon (Gen.Erik, Luck One, Mic Crenshaw … Portland has hip hop)
  • K Records Showcase @ Rotture (every indie psych band on this bill is solid)
  • Hydrive @ Zilla Sake House (sexy/funky/rocky/groovy)
  • Cut Vinyl Art Show @ Life & Limb Gallery (cool show with record piece projects)
  • Dirt Nasty & Andre Legacy @ Dantes (Simon Rex from MTV and Mickey Avalon's homie at Dantes? Sounds like a perfect fit)
  • Alan Singley & Pants Machine @ Doug Fir (amazing showman does it Vegas lounge style when live)
  • Off Register Opening Reception @ Together Gallery (display of experimental printmaking, looks interesting)
  • Thump! @ Report Lounge (dancehall and reggae with Small Axe Sounds)
  • The Fix @ Someday (hip hop for the fashionable)
  • KJ Sawka Record Release Party w/ Alpaca & Perfect Zero @ Fez Ballroom (Live jungle, drum n bass and funk … people will be getting sweaty)
  • Uplift @ Saucebox (good tunes, great vibe and one of the best drinks in PDX)
  • 2009 PDX Music Awards @ Crystal Ballroom (hmm, interesting)
  • Melodie Sivola Art Show @ Bridgeport Ale House (cool sculpture and design display with industrial materials)
  • Keegan Wenkman Art Show @ Radius Gallery (new show in a new space)
  • Altern Fabric Fashion Showcase @ Foster Space ('homemade couture' on display)Chervona @ Alberta St. Public House (amazing Balkan brass and funk, this will be fun)

Friday, Saturday, and Sunday after the jump

Friday, January 30

  • DJ Hi May @ 720 Club (house and electro)
  • The Dogs @ East End (punk punk punk)
  • Yami Bolo @ Berbati's (bring me back some funions)
  • Zak Margolis Art Show @ Push Dot (definitely some interesting pieces to be seen)
  • Snap! @ Holocene (90's dance party = fun, this month with special guest Doctor Adam who you can read about on localcut)
  • Matt & Kim, Champagne Champagne @ Backspace (surely will be a fun show and I imagine the kids will be out for this)
  • Thrones @ Someday (rock!)
  • Grey Anne, Autopilot is For Lovers @ Dekum Manor (two cool bands at one cool house show)
  • R9 @ Pi-Rem (electro done by one of the world's best dj's — yes, one of the world's best dj's Bryan Zentz — check his discogs if you think I'm frontin)
  • Sharon Jones and the Dap Kings @ Crystal Ballroom (she and I already have plans to wed so I am not so worried about seeing her here, plus she'll be booty calling me on the late night)
  • SJ & Dap Kings After Event w/ Beyonda @ Masu (can't really afford $9 drinks but this should be fun)
  • Flaspar @ Camp Rainbow (this house show will get crazy)
  • Rumba River: Congolese Music @ NW Film Center (from my friend who saw a sneak peak 'I was moved man, for real. I also wanted to get up and move during the show. Really good film.')
  • Mad Professor @ Doug Fir (pass the dutchie to the left hand side)
  • Producer Beat Battle @ Crown Room (some big local names are coming out forthis, should be interesting)
  • Three 6 Mafia @ Roseland (if you like Southern Rap this a ticket you should buy-i-i-i-i-i-i)
  • Fall of the House show @ Theater! Theater! (Fourth season of Portland's favorite improvised serial with music from Shaky Hands and Builders and Butchers)
  • 6th Annual Covers & Blankets Party @ Bossanova (karaoke blanket drive. Bring a blanket and sing a song!)
  • Deep Space Disco w/ Gouseion @ Dunes (beats and dance, but not necessarily dance beats — should be fun though because people in this venue go crazy for good parties)
  • LA Guns @ Mt. Tabor Legacy (*thinking to self* hmm, do I own enough black denim to be allowed into this?)
  • Renegades and Role Models Skateboarding Photo Exhibit @ 15 NE Hancock (opening reception party for a collection of photos from the past 25 years documenting skate culture and clothing)

Saturday, January 31

  • Andaz @ Fez Ballroom (bhangra and bollywood dance)
  • Solar Catchers Party @ Mt. Tabor Legacy (Burning Man electro crowd gets busy)
  • Live Action Dance Party @ Someday (hip hop and 80's cuts, plus dance routines!)
  • Hard Times @ Rotture (electro-tastic)
  • Massive III: A Chance For Change @ Crown Room (black jack, dance party, giveaways, benefit event, Wax Poetics magazine… I am biased so I will stop here)
  • Massive III After Party by Vibration Clothing @ Warehouse Space (Lafa Taylor and folks will be hosting this, it will surely go late into the morning)
  • Say Please Art Show @ Opposable Thumb (heard this looks amazing)
  • Greg Georgeson and Mark Spangler CD Release show @ Roseland (80's rock — think Journey and Sammy Hagar)
  • House of Badger for Legal Aid Benefit @ Holocene (moody digi-rock and visual arts display)
  • Fall of the House show @ Theater! Theater! (Fourth season of Portland's favorite improvised serial with music from Shaky Hands and Builders and Butchers)
  • Favorite Show @ Urban Grind (comedy, music and movies)
  • Porches @ Green Dragon (rare show from this indie band)
  • Y La Bamba @ Backspace (gypsy folk, definitely intoxicating)
  • Lana Guerra Art/Wigs/Fashion/Dolls Show @ Goldrush (from the pics this show looks like it could have been made by Tim Burton, definitely worth checking)
  • Gray Matters and Serge Severe @ Berbati's (NW hip hop all the way. PS — the production on Serge's album is what hip hop should be)
  • Terry Robb @ White Eagle (jazz and blues is the theme for this early day show)
  • Vibe Alive 2 @ 720 Club (house house house music. Last time I went people had glow sticks — it's up to you to decide if that is good or bad)
  • Suwana African Dance Party @ Unit E (all the flyer said was 'african dance music and reggae hits' so I guess that is what it is)
  • Leaving My Found Eden: A Poetography Exhibit @ Q Center (poems about pictures)

Sunday, Febraury 1

  • Chocolate Festival @ Washington Park (mmm, chocolate)
  • Calling Our Skeletons Home: 14 Art Nudes by Jaret Ferratusco @ Opposable Thumb (sounds cool to me!)
  • Turkish Meydan @ Marino (Turkish music .. don't see that often in PDX)
  • Atole & E*Rock @ Someday (interview/talk + .50 cent PBR's + dance party with these two sounds like a solid Sunday)
  • A Novel Romance Fashion Show @ Ace Cleaners (there is promise of lingerie in the fashion show but also promise of wedding gowns — sounds like an episode of Sex and the City)
  • Origami Ghosts @ Valentines (beautiful music and beautiful atmosphere)
  • Bargain Hunting 101 @ Crystal Ballroom (tons of boutiques and stores selling tons of items)
  • Miles Davis In Copenhagen @ NW Film Center (video of live performance from '69)
  • Fall of the House show @ Theater! Theater! (Fourth season of Portland's favorite improvised serial with music from Shaky Hands and Builders and Butchers)
  • Sinferno Cabaret @ Dante's (My mother always says that if all else fails there is always fire dancing)

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    so much to do, props to leigh for compiling this…

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    Heh, lingere as well as wedding gowns? Why not lingere wedding gowns? I’m sure they do exist…

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