new years in portland oregon

New years in portland oregon
There are a lot of great New Year events taking place tomorrow night. Also, thankfully it is the end of cigarettes in bars, so smoke them while…

Here are twenty or events happening in the PDX. Included are a bit extravagant to free, 21+ and all ages.

Like last year (every year), there is free Trimet on New Years

New Years Eve Events:


PDXPipeline on TwitterAlso, we'll be rolling around on NYE with live pictures, tweets, and possibly video of the events. The easiest way to follow that will be and our special New Years twitter account:

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  1. Infamous CoatCheck Girl December 31, 2008 at 1:03 am #

    Don’t forget Dante’s!
    NYE with Supersuckers, Kleveland, and Gerald Collier.

    See for details.

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