Portland Snow Day Part 2: Revenge of Snowpocalypse!! | Daily Stank Image Bank

red rose and snow
red rose and snow, Portland
Northeast Portland, Oregon
Taken on December 17, 2008
Photo By 1newriver

The Snowpocalypse returned for a bit today, though this was more of a Sleetpocalypse. The news shows have Snowploalypse returning again on Sunday. Snowpocalypse does not die, it multiplies! Below are more pictures and tweets about this arctic event (today and earlier).

Also, part one here: Portland Snow Day Pictures: Grab Your Cameras | Daily Stank Image Bank

Of course, the Twitter Storm Team was covering the event once again. You can read all “tweets” by the “team” here. Below are ten or so grabbed randomly and in no specific time order…

48x48_normalTravelOregon: Just walked around Montavilla neighborhood in SE PDX; light flakes, walkable and drivable. #pdxtst

jabancroft: Power's back in Aloha. 1.25 hours ahead of estimate. Thanks, PGE! :-) #pdxtst

ericgerhardt: I only just now figured out that #pdxtst is Portland Twitter Storm Team (aka Twitter! Storm! Team!). Nobody ever tells me anything…

lyzadanger: Umbrella disintegrated; pelted with whatever this is falling; not snow: Who's ever hear of it pouring down snow?#pdxtst

bmw: If you're not watching KGW's @TheSquare & @StephStricklen play with the weather map… YOUARETOTALLYMISSINGHILAROUSLOCALTELEVISION. #pdxtst

Zolotkey: Its snowing pretty good and sticking in Salmon Creek area. Some of the old stuff is turning into ice. Beware! #pdxtst

LeStew: the snow in Aloha is perfect snowball snow!

drnormal: Massive Geekery brought to you by me and @wajiii http://www.electrotainment.com/ (send me yours to add) #pdxtst

mondofresh: light snow in SW PDX, sledding is going to be good soon.

Ok, you get the point…join the fun on twitter and be a friend of the Pipeline to get this kind of info.

Hawthorne Bridge, Portland, Oregon "Where Is Everybody?"
Where Is Everybody?
Hawthorne Bridge
Portland, Oregon
Taken on December 14, 2008
Photo By ohhh_yeah808

A message from ohhh_yeah808 about this picture

I left my house to take a picture of snow on top of the bridge. I was totally not expecting to see the bridge dead empty. How often could you walk out into the middle of the road and snap a few pictures?

Portland, Oregon First Snow_2
First Snow
Portland, Oregon
Taken on December 14, 2008

Message from Metrofiets/Phillip about this picture:

The bike pictured is an older Metrofiets prototype which was converted to a “Pallet Bike”. We can haul anything on it – hay bales, steel, stoves, firewood, ducks, and obviously… BEER! If anyone wants to take it for spin send an email dto boxbike (at) gmail.

That's a pretty good offer.

Hawthorne in snow
Hawthorne in snow
SE Hawhtorne St
Portland, Oregon
Taken on December 14, 2008
Photo By WideshotStudios

There are many more pictures of Portland Snow at the PDX Pipeline flickr group and there is also an "official" snow group now as well…

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