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Portland Boots
Portland Boots
SE Portland, Oregon
Taken on December 13, 2008
Photo by Kate

Friday night, my new facebook friend Kate, Bryan and I went to a couple parties. The first was a great German style fest at Portland Hostel, NW, where I we ate Brats,  drank Gluhwein and no one would sing German Christmas Carols with me. We then later wne to a SouthEast party and somehow I ended up at Ladd's Inn to close it down…I mean help clean up. :)

Of course, the conversation was often dominated by the impending weather phenomen known as Portland Snow sprinkles Snowpocalypse 2008! Kate, being ever-prepared, had these great galoshes on, now known as “Portland Boots”. They were the hit of the party of course. I heard she bought them in Vancouver (Wa or BC?). Perhaps, if you ask nicely in the comments–she'll tell you where.

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  1. kpc December 14, 2008 at 8:54 pm #

    Those are my boots. Got ’em in Vancouver BC.

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