A Christmas Carol: Making Portland Feel Warm & Fuzzy Again

A Chritmas Carol, Portland Center Stage

By MeaganKate:

When Julian invited me to join him at A Christmas Carol last Friday night, I was immediately drawn to the thought of my favorite film version of this story (of which there are nearly 50)  — “A Muppet Christmas Carol”.  Of course, I thought of Miss Piggy's groundbreaking performance and got extremely excited about seeing it live at Portland Center Stage.

I haven't been to a live show in over a year and had not visited Portland Center Stage in quite a while. With this being one of my favorite stories of all time, I was really excited to see what PCS had to offer – I was not disappointed.

From the very beginning, the cast's narration of the story (a very creative adaptation) drew me in, and I was extremely impressed with the consistency of their performances. Wesley Mann as the ever-crotchety old Ebenezer Scrooge was absolutely captivating. Not only did he carry a gruff weight around with him, but he was able to bring a simple humor to the character's movements and reactions. In fact, Mead Hunter's version of the Dickens classic gave Scrooge a charm I hadn't seen before.

With the dramatic change in lighting, colors and movement on the stage in this act, I really noticed how large and gorgeous the set was. The audience was sent directly to London and with everyone's movements so intentional and perfect, it looked like a film. The combination of the fantastic actors, beautiful set and costumes, an excited audience and a gorgeous city made for a wonderful show.

And of course, Scrooge becomes a friend to everyone in town, and a kind human being. His life and the lives of those around him are richer for it.

The show runs for two hours with one intermission. The show will run at Portland Center Stage until December 28th. Tickets can be purchased here (show page is here) and also with the box office directly at 503-445-3700.


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A christmas carol opening at portland center stage
From Julian: We totally missed out on these skewers. We went down, they were gone. We went up to our seats (and wine), they brought more out. It you see a possibility of skewers after the show, just stay at this table. Send your friend/partner to the bar or cafe while you stand guard.

Do not (seriously DO NOT) leave it for one moment.


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